Friday, January 26, 2007

A Sad Day

I went to a funeral today for someone I didn't even know. But my heart breaks for the people that he left behind.
I found out last weekend in a followup e:mail about the regular playgroup that G and I belong to. One of the girls e:mailed to let us know that she wouldn't be up to coming as her husband had a heart attack on Saturday and died. She didn't have most of our phone numbers, so this was the easiest way she had to tell us. My heart just dropped when I read that. She has 2 little boys, one just a little older than G and the other just 11 months old! She's still on maternity leave! Her husband was fit, led a healthy life and was just 42. He also had an older son around 12 from a previous marriage.
42. That's just one year older than me. Wow.
It was a very nice service - you could still feel the shock in the family as his two brothers (one older, one younger) talked about his life, and the love he had for his family. They said life shouldn't be measured by the number of years you've been on the planet, but rather your accomplishments and the life that you led. He sounded like such a happy fellow, who loved life, and was totally in love with his wife and his young family unit. The pictures of him with his loved ones just said it all. I wish I had known him.
There were three of us there from the playgroup. Lauren came with her 3 week old son. It brought home to me the circle of life.
When I spoke with Lisa after the service, she said she couldn't wait for the next playdate. The boys have been just stir-crazy. It must have been such a whirlwind for her - she's had lots of family and friends around in a very short time. But most live out of town. I think it may be hardest for her when everyone leaves and goes back to their own lives.
G and I are hosting the next playdate. I'm hoping that we'll be able to provide her any support that we can during this very sad time. Makes you really appreciate your loved ones even more.

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