Monday, November 30, 2015

Got 'er done -NABLOPOMO -OUT

Well this is it-the last post of November 2015.  I dropped the ball only once!

Hard to believe it will be December tomorrow.  A month of celebration with both the Hubster and The Girlie having December birthdays. Oh and I guess there's something called Christmas happening this month too.

Let the games begin!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

You CAN teach an old ...

One of the wonderful things about my monthly book club with the neighbourhood ladies is that once we finish up talking about the book ( which can last about 30 seconds if we couldn't get into it) conversations will always drift to something else, topics ranging from relationships with our kids, spouses, to household tips (who knew the power of Oxy to tackle red wine spills on white dining chairs or tabouli encrusted Berber rug-witnessed live, I kid you not).

My latest learning was the 50 second microwave poached egg in a cup.

I put it to to the test this morning for a fairly healthy breakfast -look, avocado, good fat!

So easy I can't believe I did not know this.

What do you do?

Put 1/2 cup of cold water in a microwaveable bowl or mug. Needs to be cold water.
Gently crack an egg into the water, ensuring the egg is submerged.
Put in microwave and cover with saucer.
Turn microwave on at high for 50 seconds.  This gives a slightly runny egg, you can adjust the time depending on how runny you would like.
Take egg out with slotted spoon (see  below).

Enjoy! Like I did. Happy rest of weekend and cyber Monday-ing...

And the celebrations continue...

My sister is took me for a spa treatment tonight - hammam and gammage at the spa at the Shangri-la hotel.

Steam and exfoliation followed by 30 minute massage.  I wasn't sure of my ability to stay in the steam that long but with the eucalyptus and whatever the heck else scents infused into the room it was more than doable.

As I lay on the marble slabs for gammage, the esthetician asked "when was the last time you exfoliated" and my response ... "Never".  I suspected I was in for a treat.

Sort of funny but then she made the special effort to show us the results of all the scrubbing.  Ewwwww-but the resulting baby soft skin-sorta nice.

Total decadence. Something that I could definitely get used to.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The final stretch ... Fashion Friday

Here we are almost at the end of NaBloPoMo-ing, and thank goodness! I compare these posts with all the longer-winded entries from the early days, when I would write about good stuff- or at least better about mundane stuff.  It is after all mostly mundane.

This past week I was happy to be able to go to my usual warehouse sale (that I attend every year, twice a year- the agency represents Free People-and Autumn Cashmere as examples. I thought I would rock the sale in honour of my 50th.  I won't get into my actual purchases but what got me was that I received compliments from two of the sales staff admiring my boots and my bag. What??

Boots from Clark's in the UK (yes, they are so much nicer in Europe versus Clark's Canada where they are pretty much fugly orthopedic shoes). ...and the bag, why it's fringe-y Michael Kors which apparently is very Marc Jacobs.

So maybe I've still got a modicum of 'it'.  Whew.

Meal planning

So this is a thing for me now. Ugh.

If you came here looking for tips-gotcha! We're not there quite yet.  Getting through one week a a time, sometime one day at a time it feels like-is good enough for now.

I admit, having a nanny/housekeeper full time was mostly for me.  So the transition to part time  is also mostly about me.

And I'm coping somewhat-but mostly not, being tired and stressed most days.  I hear the violins ... I know I have been fortunate, but it has been key to getting us through the last few years, with work, work travel schedules, and dealing with mild anxiety with the girlie.

One nice thing is that the kids seem to prefer my cooking, which I will take -at least there is appreciation, as our nanny is an amazing cook.

Wait a minute -I miss that part too!


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