Friday, March 02, 2007

Foodie meme

1. What's your #1 comfort food? Stew, glorious stew!

2. If you were on a deserted island, what one food would you want to have with you? Grapes are good - and if I knew how I would make wine with them too!

3. What is/are your signature dishes? (What dishes are you 'known' for?) So I'm not the best cook, but I've made this Meditterean Shrimp Casserole which is quite good, and I'm pretty good at lasagne. Pre-kids I liked making baked lemon pudding and molten chocolate cakes but now that's too much work.

4. It's Friday night, you don't know what to cook. You opt for...chicken in soy sauce marinade. But if I'm really bad I'll call Pizza Pizza.

5. What's your biggest weakness when it comes to food? I love it plain and simple. I probably over eat.

6. What food can you absolutely not eat? Tripe - yuck

7. You need a drink. You grab a- water

8. What's the most decadent dish you've had? Stuff from the tasting menu at Susur. You know, the food that looks like "art".

9. What's your favorite type of food? Right now, Thai

10. Favorite dish? Pad Thai

11. If your partner could take you to any restaurant you wanted, which one would it be? In Toronto, probably Bymark, just because we love the Foodnetwork show "Heat".

12. Are you a soup or salad person? Both, but lean toward soup these days.

13. Buffet, take-out or sit-down restaurant? Sit-down hands down :)

14. What's the most impressive dinner you've ever made? Probably one of those casseroles with either the molten chocolate minicakes, or warm sherried fruit salad over icecream.

15. Do you consider yourself a good cook? Not great, but can if I have the proper time.
16. Do you know what vichyssoise is? yup, love it.

17. Who's your favorite TV cook? Mark Mcewan (sp?) - from North 44/Bymark and "Heat"

18. Can you name at least three TV cooking personalities? Jamie Oliver, Kylie Kwong, Christine Cushing.

19. Homemade or homemade from a box? Homemade from a box unfortunately these days.

20. Name 3 or more other foodies you are going to tag. Need to meet more bloggers to play more tag :)


Chrissy121875 said...

I forgot to mention Christine Cushing! I like her too...and Jamie Oliver.

BTW, my FAVE food is also Thai. I am totally jones-ing for a pad thai right now! LOL!

Danielle said...

Hey Karen,

Maybe one mommy night we should try going Thai, I love it too.

One of the best place is Satay on the Road, We tried the place Thailand on Yonge and Major Mac...not bad.

Any suggestions of good thai places in Thornhill/Richmond Hill?

Dina said...

there is a good place at Yonge and Steeles called Lotus Thai, We've been there a few times and really liked it. It is in the "yorkville north" plaza

Karen MEG said...

I'd love to try that sometime Dina. The best Thai I had recently was at my sister's, take out in the Annex from a place called "Flip Toss and Thai" I think. Cheesy name, but amazingly good :)


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