Monday, April 30, 2007

It's the time of the season for crunching

Ackk! It's the income tax deadline today. And although I've had all my receipts and forms readily available to file, I (like so many other Canadians including my beloved) have left it to pretty much the last minute. Mind you, since I need his information too, it's not entirely my fault, this procrastination. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

2006 was the year of the lovely corporate parting gift. 2007 will actually be the first year where I won't have substantial employment income. So next year I will be classified as a true dependant. Weird. According to our tax filing (at least the way I had set up our file), I'm the head of the household. Has a nice ring to it. Dependant, not so nice.

I remember the wise words of an old girlfriend of mine, a tax accountant who was one of my bridesmaids. Her one piece of advice for me was to keep all my own accounts, to be my own person at least financially. Financial independence. I've always kept that thought in my mind, and I think it's been important in keeping our marriage harmonious on the financial front.

But looking at what funds were actually left to me after Revenue Canada and the Provincial government took their share, it really made no sense whatsoever to seek outside employment. Hey, let's get a job to make more money to give to the government so I can take whatever's left and pay someone else to spend quality time with my children. Yes, but there may be some drips and drabs left to purchase the occasional fab pair of shoes or funky chain necklace, without making too subtantial a dent in my savings.

The problem is I'm enjoying my time away from a structured workplace, with my kids, meeting other parents (primarily moms) and their children. Almost too much, I'm thinking these days. Why do I feel guilty about that? Don't have enough on my plate, I guess.

Oh well, better get out that vacuum and rags for spring cleaning. After all, that's what good wives do, and that's my sole job (for now at least) isn't it?


BeachMama said...

I'll be finishing up the taxes tonight as well. I admit to procrastinating, which is funny because I used to always do it the minute I got my T4.

And 2007 may be my first truly unemployed year since I was about 11. The last three years since I have been a SAHM, I have also run a couple of businesses. I haven't worked at all this year and hope to not have to. It's hard to admit that I truly enjoy spending time with my son.

Karen MEG said...

Thanks for visiting beachmama - you guessed it - I'm still up finishing up the taxes GRRRR! I used to file early too when I was working full-time. Go figure!
Love your blog - looking forward to chatting more!


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