Friday, April 20, 2007

These shoes were made for walking

Maybe if you're on the runway. But you must admit, they are decidedly sweet.

I'm having my morning cuppa (well, 3rd cuppa) java while I take nice long breaths, in preparation for the weekend coming up. Thank goodness for the Backyardigans who are watching my daughter for me now.

I have a huge laundry list of things to do within the next 48 hours:

1/ Laundry
2/ Go the the gym to work off the pack of Lays I shared with Giselle last night
3/ Pick up some essential groceries
4/ Buy a fake diamond cuff (optional, but much desired)
5/ Finish off filling 18 loot bags
6/ Packing up all the disposable party supplies destined for landfill (only after they'll have been used and abused by 20 kids)
7/ Pack up all the fruit punch and apple juice
8/ Pack up all the chips
9/ Pick up the BD boy from school
10/ Order the party pizza
11/ Figure out dinner - leftovers will have to do
12/ Re-adjust the halter straps of my dress
13/Do it myself mani/pedi
14/Remind the beloved to pick up his tux
15/ Get the kids to bed
16/ Hit the sack
17/ Try to hit the gym next morning (may be pushing it)
18/ Get an estimate for staining the deck and fence
19/ Figure out lunch
20/ Panic - fill the van with all the party gear
21/ Pick up the Star Wars Cake
22/ Meet, greet and hand over 20 kids to the Sportball instructors
23/ Set up the party room
24/ Pray that I didn't forget anything - should staple video and digital camera to hand
25/ Sing rousing version of Happy Birthday
26/ Hand out loot bags
27/ Cram the van with prezzies - don't forget the kids
28/ Drive home to meet the grandparents
29/ Unload van
30/ Stop the kids from fighting over Liam's gifts
31/ Shower
32/ Hair
33/ Makeup
34/ Suck in gut; zip up dress; hope that the double-sided tape does do wonders
35/ Spritz the perfume, put on earrings, hopefully new cuff
36/ Strap on shoes
37/ Pack clutch with necessities
38/ Make sure Ian's socks match
39/ Double check that parents have our phone numbers
40/ Make our way downtown - maybe via limo (who am I, Paris?)
41/ Find a place to park (if limo, no worries)
42/ Remind Ian to hold my hand so I don't fall on my face
43/ Keep on sucking in the gut
44/ Smile nicely when I see Ian's colleagues (easy as I do happen to like them)
45/ Hope I don't have lipstick on my teeth
46/ Enjoy the spectacle and try not to be envious when I see bodacious Brazilian dancer bodies
47/ Enjoy the wine, but not too much
48/ Try to make it home in one piece.

Whew, did I forget anything?

Yup - I forgot to practice walking in those stilettos!

Wish me luck.


Curiosity.Killer said...

That's all in 24 hours?

Good LUCK. Wow.

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow! You gotta love those 'To Do' lists, eh? :)

Have a great weekend! You truly are a superwoman! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oi ay ay Karen, that's some list! Hope you have enough "juice" left to have a fantastic night out (you and Ian both deserve it)!
Take some pics of everything.

Dina said...

how is it going so far???

Karen MEG said...

Had to skip the gym, but basically covered everything else! Sportball parties are the BOMB! The kids loved it, the coaches were fantastic and on top of that, actually helped me set the party up (tables, serving pizza, drinks, cake, clean up! The Brazilian Ball was also unbelievable! More on that later!

Karen MEG said...

Oh, but my feet were dying at the end of it all LOL!


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