Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Officer and a Gentleman ...

and a doctor, an ironman and he's good-looking to boot! Yes, my guilty pleasure on Monday evenings is my time with "The Bachelor". This time, of course, is fully sanctioned by the spouse, who thinks this trivial TV drivel is absolutely hilarious. We usually start watching this show toward the end, when things get "serious". Last night's elimination left a final 4 girls standing. Or at least fawning. They've certainly raised the bar, upped the ante, shall we say, with this season's lucky man.

Dr. Andy Baldwin, although definitively fairly "hot" in his own right, doesn't really hold a candle to the original officer, that gorgeous young rebel with the hidden heart of gold, who swept the young factory girl off her feet to the orchestral wave signalling the end of the movie. Andy is a verified triathlete, so I must admit that during the kindergarten playground makeover segment of last night's episode (I know, don't you just love it, he adores kids too), when we got an occasional glimpse of his biceps I couldn't help but notice. And utter a soft "ahhh" under my breath which, although seemingly indiscernible was certainly loud and clear enough for Ian to comment on. (Funny, most times their hearing doesn't seem all there but at the worst times they pick up only sounds that dogs can catch). But something about Officer Bachelor seems too boyscout, too "nice", possibly his smile is just a tad too white.

What pubescent (okay, I'll admit- teenage) girl wasn't enthralled by that modern fairy tale which starred Richard Gere at his peak, and a young Debra Winger before she became bitter? I loved, loved, loved that movie. Who cares that at the heart of it the myth of Prince Charming was perpetuated, a myth that continues to exist courtesy of Disney and the folks that bring you this reality series. I think in our heart of hearts, we all want to find Mr (or Ms) perfect. The beauty of the movie was that it showed that Prince Charming and the girl had weaknesses, that even though he did "rescue" the damsel, he had come from some pretty dark places himself. Who was really being rescued after all? Rather than Mr. Perfect, it's about finding "Mr. Perfect for me". And Mr. Perfect for ME had a bit of an edge - at least when we first met. It's still hidden under Mr. Responsibility, but I know it's there.

We have another couple of weeks until the finale of this season. My money's on Tessa, the girl who's launched a new strategy this time around. She's not convinced that this process works and hasn't thrown herself at our bachelor. She's given him reason to stay interested, as they exchange in smart repartee and she certainly kisses him back, but she's never worn her heart on her sleeve (or in her wineglass - what's up with all the drinking in this show anyway?) Clever, clever girl! So it's up to Andy to convince her that it can work. It's working, girl. He's pursuing her like you wouldn't believe! And I'm probably biased, as I think she's of mixed race, much like my kiddos are. She's a beautiful girl and seems quite together. As together as a girl who's on this show could be, anyway.

I think "An Officer and a Gentleman" the movie is being released on DVD soon, if not already. Very timely. I'll have to go buy it to relive my own memories of that time in my life. Or recapture memories of a hotter, saner Richard Gere. What's up with these PDA's in India and charges of public indecency?!! Life was so much simpler in the 80's.

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Chrissy121875 said...

I loved that movie too. I had a huge crush on Richard Gere because of that movie!

Okay, as much as I hate the idea of women throwing themselves at a man and squabbling over him like a bunch of crazies, I have to admit that out curiosity, I occasionally catch an episode or two a year. Last year just pissed me off though. I couldn't stand Prince Lorenzo. He just really bugged the crap out of me for some reason.

Despite my dislike for the entire premise of the show, I have to admit that I really like Tessa. She seems smart and 'together'...and she's really pretty! I agree with you...I think she's mixed but I'm not sure what her background is. I have to say that The Bachelor is the type of show that makes me curious to find out what happens in the end! LOL! Great post, Karen!!!

BeachMama said...

I too loved the movie, it would be great to watch again after all these years.

And yes, I too get sucked in the Bachelor, usually towards the end. But, this time I haven't watched it yet at all. From the commercials I can see he is really a good looking guy with apparently a lot going for him. The question yet again is why, exactly is he single to begin with.

Perhaps Tessa is going about this the 'right' way by letting him chase her. Maybe this time one of the bachelors will actually get married! Funny how there has not been another Bachelorette.

Karen MEG said...

I agree, Lorenzo was quite lame Chrissy. I personally really liked the "real" Italian girl who was gorgeous.
Beachmama, funny, I was wondering what was going on with Trista, the first bachelorette too. I'd heard rumours that Jen, the one who was engaged to Andrew Firestone, was thinking about being the next bachelorette. But maybe that's old news.
Why, oh why, do I know this stuff?LOL!!

Curiosity.Killer said...

I haven't seen the movie or the new "Bachelor" series. I don't know if the show really does the trick for finding true love... but it's sure entertaining!


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