Thursday, May 31, 2007

Senior Sex

Okay, I know I'm not quite a SENIOR yet, but the following headline grabbed me the other day:

"Before I turn 67, I would like to have a lot of sex..." quoted from an author who placed an ad in the New York Review of Books. The author, Jane Juska, is presenting at 2007 IdeaCity, an annual meeting of the minds in Toronto coming up in June. She apparently received quite a few responses. Her oldest responder was 84! She's written a book about her erotic adventures at her "advanced" age.

Well, I'm barely in my 40s, and after running after the kids, running the household (to a certain extent) and doing my requisite blogging, who has the time or the energy?! Honestly, I'm taking OC's right now primarily to improve my skin, and not really for the offchance that we might produce further offspring. No offence to my life partner, as we're both doing our darnedest to keep in shape and our marriage is very alive and well. We're not only working out to stay healthy for the kids, but also to maintain some semblance of attractiveness, at least for each other. Let's be realistic, the longer you're together, the harder it is you really should work at staying together. But the best quality couple time we get these days is getting into bed after the kids are tucked in, to read together in the quiet comfort of our king-sized bed. Who knew that all that (cover your ears now, Mom and Dad) hot and heavy pre-marital sex was supposed to last a lifetime?

I have to give kudos to her; senior sex is not exactly a "hot topic" these days. And she attributes it to the fact that most not-old people don't want to think about old people having sex. I know for myself, when we were first trying to conceive and not having much luck, my mom was trying to make me feel better by sharing details of certain positions that were best for trying for a boy, or trying for a girl, or just trying. From her own personal experience. All in the confines of a tiny elevator, while I was squished between her and my father. Yes, I know she was talking about when she was younger, but who really needs to hear and then picture in your mind ... well, it's just unthinkable. Pretty high on the "uncomfortable-o-meter" wouldn't you say?

Well, I have to admit that our relationship hasn't totally hit the platonic plateau and I have the tendency to exaggerate, more than just a little. I suspect that as the kids get older, we'll get more of our mojo back. I hope I feel as confident and can still embrace my womanhood when my kids have their children.

Now it's time for kiddies to cover their ears/eyes: One of my all-time favourite hilarious lines from "Sex and the City" was uttered by the fabulous Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, when she found her first gray pubic hair. "Nobody wants to f*&k Grandma's p%*sy!" Hopefully one Grandpa will.

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