Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Special Visitor

We had friends over for dinner last night, friends who we hadn't seen since before Christmas. The last time they were over, they were telling us of their plans to finally travel to China, where they would pick up their little adopted daughter. They were so very excited and almost in disbelief that it was actually going to happen. They had started the adoption process before I found out I was pregnant with G. In fact, I think at one point we thought that the girls would be about the same age, but with all the bureaucracy and delays, baby Emma ended up being just over a year younger than G.

It was so incredible to finally meet her and to see her with our friends. We always knew they would be fabulous parents - they're great people, and they've always been so wonderful with our kids. We were both struggling with infertility at the same time for a while, but we were lucky with our journey down the path of treatments. For our friends, adoption was their preferred option, and we thought it was wonderful.

Emma is such a little character, a very cheerful baby who delighted in seeing our kids. Every time they came into the room, she would giggle and point at them, legs and arms flailing away until they came up to her to play. It was so sweet. I look forward to seeing her get close to our children, especially G as I'm sure they'll be great friends, being only one year apart.

And it was so very obvious that she has totally bonded with her parents. She would always keep an eye out for them when she was playing, and although a friendly child, if we were holding her a little too long for her liking she would motion to her mom or dad to take her. Amazing, what happens in a couple of short months.

There is some irony to this story. After they came home from China they were all suffering a little from the time difference/ culture shock/ colds that they had picked up during the trip. But my girlfriend couldn't shake it, and she felt particularly bad in the MORNINGS. You guessed it, she found out she was 2 months pregnant! After years of trying, and only when they finally brought their daughter home, they learned that they would be having another baby. Imagine going from being a couple with no children, to having two under the age of 2 within 10 months!! After the shock wore off, they are happy - it may not have been their plan to have them so close in age, but it will work out for them -- I'm sure their children will be closer because of it. That's what I told them about me and my sister, best friends while growing up and still to this day, born 20 months apart. They know that they are indeed blessed -- that's just the way life is!

I just thought I'd share that happy story during this happy long weekend.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful for your friends, Karen! Some things are just "meant to be".

Danielle said...

hey karen,
that is not uncommon to find out that your pregnant after adopting. Many people have found that to happen to them. I know of 4 women it has happened to. I think its because there is no pressure at that moment and their bodies are more relaxed.
Congrats to your friends

Curiosity.Killer said...

That's AWESOME! Wow, I never knew how much pressure there is to get pregnant. I can't imagine.

Udderly Delicious said...

Being an adoptive parent-to-be, it's so nice to hear that they baby is bonding well!

Karen MEG said...

Sue, thanks for stopping by. Little G gives you a big hug!
danielle- I know, I've heard that happens a lot. One of the ladies in my friends' adoption group of parents said that there's always one couple who ends up getting pregnant, its' that common.
CK - yeah, pressure is HUGE, and it's a vicious cycle, the harder you try, the tougher it seems to get. Stress plays such a major role.
Ilovecows - thanks for stopping by, and congrats on your adoption! I hope it'll be as exciting for you - it's a wonderful thing.

Kami said...

*wiping happy tears*

This makes me so very happy for them. I love happy endings and this story has two.

A friend of mine just brought home their little girl from China and she has bonded so strongly with her Mommy that she won't let her out of her sight. Exhausting and wonderful all at the same time!

Thanks for sharing this one again :-)


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