Thursday, June 14, 2007

So I thought I could Dance

I caught the first show of the final 20 dancers in this season’s “So you think you can Dance” last night. One of my favourite “reality” series. What a great show. These dancers are all so talented.

I wish I could dance like that. Or that I ever could dance like that. Oh, to be 20 again, with the flexibility of a feline, the energy of an Energizer bunny. That wasn’t me, but I can dream, can’t I?


Jill said...

I love that show too, but it kinda bugs me how many of the dancers are already professional. I feel like a show like this should be giving unestablished dancers a break, KWIM? Benji was already a swing champion when he was on last season!

Karen MEG said...

I didn't realize that - no wonder Benji was so awesome, but he was pretty good at the other styles of dance too. I do get a kick out of the hip hop dancers doing ball room and vice versa, though.

kailani said...

That's one thing I wished I had learned to do. Not that it would be of any use now. hee hee

An Island Life

BeachMama said...

Although I do love that show, I don't watch it all the time. I reminds me of what I used to be able to do and would still love to do today. I loved dancing so much and watching them all learn a dance in a week and perform makes me so jealous. It would take me a month now.

Cherry said...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

I also LOVE this show, but most of my friends don't watch, and I work with mainly batchlor men who look at me funny when I mention the show.

I got hoooked on the show last year, and I think this season is off to a great start. Only a few clearly performances were very "1st show" quality, the rest were amazing.


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