Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Timmy's Evil

Summer's here and I'm officially addicted again:

Yup, I've made a habit of picking one up EVERYDAY, and this is its usual state by the time I get home. I try to make myself feel better by asking them to make it with milk. Yeah, good one. If you happen to know how many calories are in one, please don't tell me.

They've just started advertising the Ice Cap Supremes - complete with whip cream and the like. I'm so not going there...


PinksandBluesGirls said...

Ooooh, yummy! There's a Tim Horton's right down the street from me... maybe I'll have to indulge in one of these treats soon!!

And I find that if you can block out the amount of calories in something from your mind, they don't count. Pretty good, huh!? ;)

Jane, P&B Girls

WhoseMommy said...

I used ot love those, but since I cannot have caffiene now, I find them easier to avoid. The mint one looks yummy.

Starbucks Frapaccino's come in light now, I have looked at the nutritional data, and it is not bad!

kailani said...

I've never even heard of Tim Hortons before. However, it must be some good stuff!

Karen MEG said...

Jane, I'd forgotten Tim's had expanded into the US. You should give these a try.
Whosemommy- I should try the frappy - I love Starbucks too.
Kailani- Tim Horton's is an institution here in Canada. I guess they have some sites in the US now too. It started out as donuts, but there's nothing quite like their coffee, or ice caps in the summer.

Anonymous said...

MMMMM, I love ice caps, too! Only 150 calories for a 10 oz with milk. And worth every calorie ....

See you soon, I hope!

BeachMama said...

Stay away from the whipped cream, it's not so good ;).

If you have a Costco close by, I picked up a huge can of Big Train Kona Mocha Frappe for 9.99. It is the perfect blend of Timmy's and Starbucks. You can make it hot or cold(blended) and enjoy using skim milk too.

Chrissy121875 said...

Ohhhhhh, Karen! Ice Caps are MY biggest indulgence too! I eat very healthy here on the island because we don't have franchises or fast food chains. The closest Tim Horton's is in Espanola...74 mins away from door to door! Yeah, I timed it! LOL! How bad is that? I thought I was going to DIE if I didn't get my Tim Horton's fix every day.

In a way, I like that it's a bit of an effort to get my Tim's because when I think of how many calories are in those ice caps and how much money I spend (it may not be much, but it does add up in the end)...I'm happy to have it as a treat.

I tried the new ice cap supremes and wasn't a big fan. They're way too rich and decadent. I had half of mine and gave the rest to Hubby.

I do think that if I still lived in TO, I'd still be getting my Tim Horton's fixes every day, sometimes multiple times a day :)


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