Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Feeling so lazy, lethargic... old.

The first week off school, and I had signed Liam up for a daycamp so he could basically play ALL DAY with his best friend. The camp starts as early as 7:30; I can pick him up as late as 6 PM. So Ian can bring him in the morning. And I don't have to take care of snacks, lunch, or entertainment. I don't have to deal with the two kids getting on each others nerves for a full day, just a couple hours in the evening. It's so much easier than a regular school day, I've technically got more time without the restrictions for pickup. Should feel like heaven.

So why am I so exhausted? I forced myself to get to the gym today. Didn't feel so bad to be inside as it was just raining and drizzly the whole day.

I think I'm still recovering from that mammoth post!


Chrissy121875 said...

Hey Karen! :) It's great that Liam gets to go to camp with his best buddy! Does he love it?

What you need is some R & R! Perhaps you can ask your parents to look after Little G and you can get a day to yourself to just veg and recharge your batteries! :) This means not doing housework or catching up on things you're "supposed" to do. The laundry and dishes will always be there when you get back. Just take some time to relax :) (Hehe...Easier said than done...I know!)


Karen MEG said...

Sounds like a plan Chrissy - thanks for that!
Liam loves camp - doesn't want to leave when I go to pick him up. Just perfect!
While I really felt like a nap today, I decided to take the girlie strawberry picking instead! Now that's a relaxin' activity LOL! In the heat, with thunder threatening; but hey, got a wonkin' huge bucket o'berries for my troubles. Too bad you weren't closer as I'd love to give you some as I know you'd do lovely things with them - I'm not such a baker/ dessert person. Baby girl chided me for taking a bite of a berry while picking - she said it was for her Popo and Gonggong (Grandparents) and not for me! Great fun!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

I totally have days like this, too... and they're usually dreary, drizzly days.

Hope you're able to get some good rest soon!

Jane, P&B Girls


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