Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"I'm Chinese"

Lately, the little one has taken to introducing herself to anyone she meets as "G-zoh. I'm Chinese." I have no idea where she got that from (or maybe I do...remember, we did spend over a week at the grandparents' place. Mom's never been too subliminal with her messages.)

I don't think she really knows what she means. The way she's saying it, it's almost as if she's declaring, "Hi my name is G and I'm smart".
Ask her "Is Daddy Chinese?" - "NO!".
"Is Goh Goh (big brother) Chinese?" - "NO!".
"Is Mommy Chinese?" "NO!".
One and a half out of three ain't too bad!

We've never specifically talked culture with her, always figuring she's been a bit young, and that she would absorb a lot of it by osmosis, just by participating in any traditions that we still adhere to. Haven't really done so with her big brother either, although our attempts to get him to take more than one year of Chinese language school were in vain. It was stressful for him, primarily because for the year end play he didn't get a speaking part - he was just a tree in the back. Honestly, I wouldn't have gone back to Chinese school either if they had made me act as vegetation.

Whatever the source of this latest and greatest, I find it quite refreshing that she proclaims this so proudly. It should make it easier for her to appreciate any cultural traditions that we'll expose her to as she gets older. She already loves the noodles, so we're off on the right foot.

Aren't those dolls cute? My sister got them, the Asian mother, son and daughter, for G's 2nd Christmas after the doll house they gave her for her 2nd birthday. The next present will include the Caucasian father LOL! Even funnier is that the son has dreadlocks, much like the look my boy was trying for this summer :)


Pavel said...

Now that is adorable! lol... Kids are so funny, but I'm see you're point; showing her your customs will likely be easy.
I love those dolls! I bet my daughter would also.

Cherry said...

That is so cute!
I didn't realize I was Chinese until I was much older and I don't think even then I knew what it meant.


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