Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm Floored!

Corny, corny title, but I'm so thrilled that the tile we chose is looking absolutely, fantastically smashing!!! Because it is going to have to live up to its porcelain name and be so durable to withstand the shenanigans of a growing 2 year old monkey chasing her superhero-inspired big brother and all his bigger friends.

Who knew one could get so excited about porcelain tiles. Gotta get a life, I know.

The fun is just beginning as we have to go over the whole house with our shop-vac - dust-city! My pal Bec warned me about not using the central vac for too much dust after a reno. Her basement reno cleanup ended up clogging her central vac motor and resulted in her having to purchase a new motor for it. Don't want any added expenses as that's happening on its own, thank you very much.

Ordered the sink and faucets and soap dispenser finally. Next we've got to finalize the countertops, paint colours, backsplash. But cabinets being delivered tomorrow - Yee-haw!!!



Speaking of monkeys, missing Rainforest Cafe Lemur has yet to be found. Latest evidence located in the corner behind our study door. Must have been spooked and lurked here during the tiling job. Kids are working on the case as we speak. Will keep you posted.

PS - yes, that's DUST!!! Maybe lemur suffocated!


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

OMG! Your floors look awesome!! I love them!! Isn't it funny how 10 years ago we probably would never have believed anyone if we told them we were excited over floor tiles!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

The Mommanista said...

The floor looks great...makes me want to renovate (except, I don't do decorating...I still cannot get truly excited about floor tiles. Now handbags...nother story!!!)

kailani said...

We've decided on new tile instead of carpet. I can hardly wait till it's installed!

Love the way yours turned out!


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