Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dirty Dancing

Little G and I had the pleasure of spending the day with her Daddy yesterday. Ian realized he still has a few days of vacation which he must take before the end of the year. With Liam in school, it’s nice to have some alone time with just the little girl. It seems forever ago that we had only one child, and while we love the family dynamic of the four, it’s a rare opportunity to focus on just one at a time.

As it was such a gorgeous day out, we decided to have lunch at our favourite pub, the Unionville Arms. We just love Main Street, Unionville, it’s a little slice of “small town”, with boutiques, shops, restaurants and ice cream stops on a cozy little street in the middle of suburbia. The street is lined with flowers, and many of the buildings are the originals from the 1800’s. It is so quaint, picturesque, and it is a popular photo site for wedding parties. The other draw is Toogood pond, a man-made pond that is surrounded by walking trails. When G was younger and would stay in her stroller, I made the trek around the pond with other moms and babies during our weekly strollercize walks started by my mommy friend Lauren. G remembered the plentitude of geese and the ducks, and was anxious to get out there to feed them.

Well, no surprises, but as soon as we got her buckled into the van, her eyelids drifted downward and she was out for the count. With her Spongebob baseball cap, it seemed like the sponge himself was snoring away. The incredible power of the soothing engine – knocks her out every time. And that meant impromptu couple time.

What’s a girl and a guy to do on a Friday afternoon in a pub, but order a couple of pints and all-day breakfast – whoo-hoo! With Spongebob baby (always our baby!) comfortably ensconced in her lay-back Peg Perego, we finished the meal uninterrupted.

While having our coffee, we both simultaneously noticed this couple outside the window next to us. They were older, and awfully chummy, standing very closely together, facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes, seemingly oblivious to the world around them. We couldn’t help but watch them, they were right there next to us, but we had to avert our eyes, feeling like we were intruding. Then the fellow started to stroke her arm, and they began getting VERY MUCH closer to each other. I just couldn’t look anymore.

I don’t consider myself a prude at all, but maybe I’m getting old. I’ve never been a huge fan of PDA’s*, although we still usually hold hands when our kids aren’t with us (ie. when we have a free hand), and will give each other quick pecks hello and goodbye when we’re in public. When we were dating, I suppose we used to walk with our hands around each others’ waists, thumbs in the jean belt loops, that sort of thing. And I think it’s sweet when I see older couples hand in hand (my parents walk together like that). Do I think it would have been easier on the eyes if they were a young couple? Did I feel it was inappropriate because they were older and should know better? Or was it just that it seemed too intimate, regardless of the age of the couple, for public viewing?

Well, Ian couldn’t resist, and he had the better view, and after a couple of more minutes, he said to me “Oh, no way, now they’re DANCING!”. So I had to peek, and there they were, slow grinding to some imagined melody in their own little universe. Remember, this is about 2 PM in broad daylight on a Friday afternoon, on a very public street. I could think of only one thing to say:


(*Public Displays of Affection)


C said...

LOL!!! OMG, Karen! You're so funny! :) I'm with you on the PDA's. I get uncomfortable when people are playing tonsil hockey in front of me. That said, I've been told that Hubby and I still look like we're newlyweds because we hold hands when we're out and occasionally he'll give me a peck on the cheek or something. He's really sweet.
Once, we were at my parents' for supper and Hubby and I were hugging (he's so snuggly!) and my mom came up behind us and pinched me! LOL! She said, "Oh! You guys are disgusting! You've been married over a year and you're STILL hugging??? Wait until you've been married as long as your dad and I have been married!" LOL!

Karen MEG said...

c- I think that's so sweet how affectionate you guys still are. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, as I don't think I'd catch you two doing the steamy lambada in the middle of my kitchen (mind you, you'd be free to do it if you'd like, we have a bit of a party household LOL!)

Family Adventure said...

I used to be so against PDAs, but in my old age, I've calmed down a little. Instead, I try to come up with reasons why they cannot or will not "GET THAT BALLROOM" - you know, long lost loves meeting by chance, poverty stricken lovers who have no choice, married couples with too many kids at home to get any privacy, couples whose religions/culture/parents do not allow them to be together (Oh Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo). And then there's those whom I suspect get a kick out of others watching. It's fun to just imagine why on earth people would put themselves on public display like that. Because let's be honest NOONE looks goood play "tonsil hockey" as C so eloquently put it. Which may explain why I am still very cool when it comes to any PDAs with my own husband - holding hands in public is pretty much as far as I'll take it.

J at said...

That was a tottaly cute response. :) And your hair in the previous post? LOVE it! Better than Beckham's, actually.

Karen MEG said...

Heidi- you're so imaginative, it's great!
They actually got into a cab after too, seemed very clandestine to me. Hubster and I were wondering whether they were just a boring married couple doing the role play thing..., Ian tried that line "What's a nice girl ..." on me shortly after we witnessed that. Not that we would EVER do anything like that :)

Karen MEG said...

j-thanks! Very sweet of you to say, the hair is still holding out on day 5!

Family Adventure said...

Karen, Ian's hilarious. The guys are all the same that way... !

Dina said...

it is sweet when older couples show affection towards each other. But there is a line between showing affection and groping one another in public. The latter i'm not a fan of witnessing!


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