Saturday, October 13, 2007

Practice, practice, practice

I joined NaBloPoMo - which means I've committed to posting every day of November. I originally thought it would be a great idea, lots of fun, doing something I love to do daily anyway. Until I started stressing about it - uh, how am I going to find something in this mostly sleep-addled brain, to write about EVERY DAY? Oh, I know I could probably just post a pic or two, here and there, drop a funny couple of one or two-liners, and I'm sure that's what I will do. I suspect I might hit a writing funk though- Murphy's law always applies to me. It will hit me on November 1.

So I've decided that the remainder of October will be my practice run. The whole "practice, practice, practice" mantra drummed into my head from a very young age (thanks Momma) seemed to work on my little boy. Remember that Family Box? I had him rehearse his presentation 14 times (he counted). And he did very well; all number 4's on a scale of 1 to 4 (although he did point out that he forgot to use the words "tradition" and "culture", so he thought he would get a 2!). Here's the lovely box:

The flags were a big hit. While he had a couple of extra cultures to cover with his varied background (no other Chinese-Scottish-German-Canadians in his class), it appears that he conveyed it with confidence. I'm so proud, verklempt, really.


What have we here? I am alone, with my coffee, having read most of the paper and thinking about the fact that I have to vacuum. But it's so QUIET!!! Both kids wanted to go with Dad this morning, who had to bring his car in for servicing. Ian wasn't thrilled. He can handle one, but the two of them? Alone, all by himself? I didn't have to see it in his eyes, he actually told me he can't handle it. A form of backhanded kudos to me, I suppose. But what's a guy to do when his little princess wants to go with Daddy, and then she wants her "Goh, Goh" (big brother) to come with them too? And there's no way Liam will go to childminding when I'm at the gym.

And I am going to the gym today, because I missed it yesterday to meet my bloggy friends, D, D, and C. And had coffee, delicious cranberry coffee cake and three timbits that were only half-eaten by little G (I am the human garberator). I had to pass on bodyjam (BJ) to meet some very important friends, a newborn, and not so newborn baby. It was a nice little visit, so amazing to finally meet C in person, the babies were adorable, and little G also had a very good time.

Funniest thing, turns out that I know C's aunt! She's a fellow BJ enthusiast - I see her at the gym most Fridays, and I used to see her on Wednesday mornings before G's program started. The world is a small place, really.

Back to the quiet. Let's just enjoy the silence. Vacuuming can wait.


On another totally unrelated note, we are going out tonight sans kids. We found a babysitter! This is a monumental night for us as a family. It will be the first time our kids will be watched by anyone other than the grandparents, uncles or aunts! What a concept!

Here, in our messy, dusty home.

Darn, now I really have to vacuum!


Kellan Rhodes said...

Have a great night out. That sounds like a good idea - I may just get my girls to watch the little ones and do that with my husband myself - thanks for the idea! See Ya.

FancyMomma said...

I did NaBloPoMo last was fun! I am skipping this year only because I'll be in Disneyworld the last week of November, and doubt I will be blogging there!!!

I'd actually really like to try NaNoWriMo ( but have been to scared to take the leap.

Happy date night!! We are looking for a baby-sitter ourselves, since GP are great for events, but we don't like asking them for date nights...which we'd like to start having monthly.

Dina said...

wanted to wish you a fantastic evening sans babies!! (well they're not really babies but you KWIM!!
Happy B-D to you as well!!!

it really is such a small small world!!


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