Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Snapshots of a girlie date

G and her best friend A are having a very girlie playdate today. Kindred spirits these two are, since the day they met just over a year ago. My sister thinks it's so funny that little G has a best friend already - it is rather darling.

I brought the girls home after their play program this morning, as A's mom Bec had an appointment. They were so excited, to be together in one car for a change, side-by-side in my cluttered family room on wheels. They giggled the whole way.

Who's on First:
A: "Karen, what's your name?"
Me: "It's Karen, silly ..."
A: "G **, your mommy's name is Karen. My mommy's name is Mommy."
G: "No, your mommy's name is Becca. My mommy is Mommy."
A: "G , what's your name ..."

The Reluctant Houseguest
G: "A, do you want to come to my house?"
A: "No."
G: "But A, you love my house."
A: "Okay."

Someone watches too many Backyardigans reruns
We get home and the girls take off their shoes and socks right away. G brings her best friend to her bedroom and comes down with a hairclip. After she makes me clip it to her hair, she takes a big bow and says "I'm Queen of the Nile". The girls run off again laughing.

Sugar and spice and everything nice.


Kellan said...

Well ... she can't be Queen of the Nile, because ... I am Queen of denial! This was so cute - see ya!

Family Adventure said...

Too cute is right!



MrsGrumpy said...

What is it with little ones and the need to divest themselves of their footwear the moment they hit the door? My son does this. I love that picture.

Thank you so much for your kind words. The people I am meeting and the comfort they have given me in the wake of this has been so helpful. ~Laura

Karen MEG said...

Queen of Denial - that's a great one!
Heidi - I can't stop the photos!
Laura - hi there, and thanks for stopping by. I meant every word.

Christy said...

Too cute! Growing up too fast.

Pinks & Blues said...

OMG!! That is adorable!! Love it!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

JohnnyO said...

Now I have the backyardigans song in my head :-) Not sure how I bounced around here - but good posts on the experiences of motherhood. Keep on sharing. - JohnnyO

BeachMama said...

So cute, I can't wait for girlie playdates full of tea parties and dressing up.

Karen MEG said...

Hi Christy- yup, I can't believe they're no longer babies!
Thanks Audrey - even Divas have their moments LOL
Hi johnny-o- thanks for popping by -I'll check your blog out for sure!
BM-tea parties are the best!


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