Friday, November 16, 2007

Fashion Friday: T -zone

Well, since I started this feature last week in honour of NaBloPoMo, I thought, wow, I've got a whole wardrobe I could feature. There's some great filler.

Scraping the bottom, here folks. But at least I've grouped the clothing by families, even though it is rather painful still, I'm not going through my closet one item at a time. At least not yet.

Here's a leftover from last week, a hoodie dénouement shall we say:

I forgot about that one. I bought that just before I got hugely pregnant with G. So I've worn it every summer since she's been born, and a lot. Because I can. And I never thought I would again, because I was freakishly hugely pregnant.

So what does one wear with all those lovely hoodies? Why, a cute T-shirt, thanks for asking. I own a selection of T-shirts which would be better suited to a 14 year old girl. Is it a mid-life thing? Maybe now that I ain't got MILK anymore, I'm aiming for MILF.

Whatever it is, I finally did get rid of a lot of those belly-baring tops that have been sitting at the bottom of my closet since baby #1 was born. Because this belly is now pretty much in hiding, unless we're on the beach and I've had a few cerveza.

Here's my Paul, everyone should have a Paul, they're so cute (although I'm more like Emily the Strange). Lboyloves this T-shirt:


Here's my small Paul:

I used to root for Betty, but as I get older, I have more of an appreciation for Veronica. Hence this number:
Here are my more "clubby, dress-up T's" that can go under jackets or hoodies. Or they scream tacky, tacky, tacky. It depends on what mood I'm in.

But this is the T-shirt that is hopefully headed my way soon...

She can keep the piercing though. Gotta draw the line somewhere.


Bill said...

I'm a veronica guy too. Betty just seemed so vapid. Veronica was devious, dark, alluring....seductive. Yeah, I know she was a cartoon, but CILF in my book.

C said...

Ah, Karen! You are just too cute!

I used to always be torn between Betty and Veronica! I rooted for Betty as a kid, but Veronica seemed way cooler. I hated how Betty got dumped on, walked over, ignored, neglected. Oh man. This is just a cartoon. Amazing how you can start discussions from an Archie comic! LOL!

Family Adventure said...

Funny, Karen. Love the wardrobe posts.

I can see Liam in the last T-shirt. Definitely.

About piercing - Christopher now wants to pierce his one ear! Mike is laying down the law. Yikes! It's all happening *way* too fast!!

Heidi :)

Cherry said...

What cute shirts you have! I only have a collection of solid V neck t-shirts and a substantial collection of t-shirts from work. The sad thing is.... I wear those shirts from work.

Since I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, I should really look for some cute ones with more personality. Perhaps I should stop shopping at Target (think an upgraded Canadian Tire)

Badness Jones said...

Yeah...I've gone from Betty to Veronica too.

Kellan said...

Hey Karen - All cute outfits and such a cute picture of your boy!!

Thanks for coming over and leaving such a nice anniversary wish. Have a good weekend and see you soon. Kellan

Sandy (Momisodes) said...

"I ain't got MILK anymore, I'm aiming for MILF."--CLASSIC! Love that line :) I am right there with you.

BTW..You've been TAGGED!!!! See my latest entry for directions.

Kelly Malloy said...

Cute shirts!


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