Friday, November 09, 2007

Fashion Friday: Who's in your hood edition

Been a bit of a rough week. Ian’s been away for work for most of it; it’s always a little more exhausting when it’s just me alone with the kids. But they’re good, for the most part. Except when they’re screaming banshees. L’s at home today with this ferocious cough he caught from the wicked kid who has invaded his table at school – the nerve of that kid, not covering his mouth whenever he coughs! My boy, such the good school citizen, wanted to stay home so as not to spread the sickness around. In all seriousness; and not just because he wants to play his Nintendo games all day.

I also found out that our backdoor neighbours’ house was robbed this past weekend. Pretty awful. At least they weren't home and no one was hurt. Apparently there were eggs used to trash the place. Very thoughtful of those creeps who did it. Another reason it was such a good time for Ian to be away.

And then there’s all this NaBloPoMoHo-ing I’ve been doing. I’m so busy checking out blogs, trying to come up with witty comments and interesting, blog-worthy material on a daily basis. It’s madness. I can’t keep up! But I am absolutely awestruck by the writing talent that is out there. Awestruck and dumbstruck. Glad there's no talking involved in blogging.

So this is what I’ve been reduced to today - Fashion Friday, of the hooded variety.

I’ve been digging the hoodie as a wardrobe staple since I had the Girlie. It's an easy casual look that upgrades the typical sweatshirt, that works with T's, jeans, flats, sneakers ... a young look that I can still sort of get away with. At least most other moms with young kids still wear them, so I still qualify in that category, if not strictly by age.

But what made me think I could get away with this?

Yes people, that is a SNAKE on this hoodie. That I bought about two years ago, on the Esprit sale rack. Hmmmm, I wonder why it was such a bargain? And I wonder what possessed me to buy it, knowing there was a slithery thing in that otherwise picturesque floral montage. I think I'd forgotten what was on there, after all, it is on the back of the shirt. I just took a closer look today. There's also a miniature of the same design on the front. Call me legally blind or ignorant; or both. And yes I'm wearing it now; but I don't think I will show it out of the house, ever again.

I bought the following sweet hoodie last summer. It's pretty butterflies and soft orange colour were what caught my eye initially. But it was its fabulous slimming length that cinched the deal for me. Came all the way down past the pelvic bones. Buh-bye muffin tops!

The following picture basically tells the hoodie evolution in my wardrobe, in a nutshell. The one on the left, the soft pink velour with brown and white stripe on the arms? Cutesy sparkly emblem, with a matching pair of velour track pants? In a size extra extra large? All sorts of WRONG! That was one of the first hoodie purchases I made after G was born. Big and roomy, I guess as I was still nursing. I needed a bit more room up top. Unfortunately that room upstairs is now vacant, so the space is no longer needed. So I'll limit velour leisure suit purchases to the toddler variety from now on.

Now the blue hoodie on the right, that is what I call my elegant hoodie. A classic blue colour, it has a very luxurious lining in the hood. Hard to describe the texture, similar to a threaded boa. And the hood can unzip to become a chic shawl collar, should the occasion arise when I want to switch things up a little, you know, live on the edge a bit. An evening hoodie. SJP might even wear it; if she's slumming. I've come a long way through this 'hood, baby.

Next week, maybe we'll do T's? For a sneak peek, here's my signature.

Happy Weekend.


melissa said...

Can you send me the snake hoodie to have when we get the freakin' sand boa?

Badness Jones said...

Nice hoodies! but I hope I don't have to photograph my wardrobe for people to see! Though maybe you'd all feel so sorry for me you'd sign my up for "What Not to Wear" and I could get me some new clothes and a few days in NY. Except then I'd have to let the whole freakin' world see what's in my closet....ugh.

donna said...

I feel your pain. Stuff ALWAYS goes wrong around here when my husband is away. And it seems he's been away a ton lately.

But your hoodies are great!!!!

Christy said...

I really like the orange hoodie. The snake one reminds me of lots of items in my closet...too good a sale price to pass up, but then you never wear it, so what was the point?

Rimarama said...

The snake hoodie is really not that bad. Kind of punk rock.

BeachMama said...

I love the hoodies! I too started wearing them again (yes, I used to wear them in high-school) when J was born, it just seemed like the thing to do. I have the cute one, the slimming one, the athletic one, the summer one...

Sorry about your backyard neighbours, that is horrible and I would have been freaking out if it happened when my hubby was away.

Sandy said...

I would show photos of my cute wardrobe too, but I would just repost the same shirt over and over, just in different colors.

I too love anything that hides the muffin tops.

Shawna said...

Sorry you're having a rough week--I'm sure next week will be better!

I love your hoodie analysis! Although the snake one kind of creeps me out . . .

"NaBloPoMoHo-ing"---hehehehe! I'm totally stealing this word from you!

C said...

Wow! It's been a crazy week, hasn't it? It's kind of scary when a neighbour's house gets robbed. It hits so close to home. At least everyone was safe and nothing too serious happened.

You are so cute! I meant to tell you that I LOVE the outfit you had on when I saw you and the girls at D's house. You are one hip mama!

Happy NaBloPoMo-ing, sista! You're doing an amazing job! Look at all the readers you've got! xoxo

Bill said...

Eggs? Really? WTF. Kids today are so... well you know. thanks for the feedback/comments over on Make it a double. I loved your last post about electronics and kids. Hoodies... I've got nothing here. We're Northeast people and out hoodies are for warmth and hardly ever aesthetics. Thanks for the insight to other parts of the world besides my own.

Ginaagain said...

NaBloPoMoHo-ing... you make it sound a bit sordid but exciting.

BTW, I love the snake hoody. It's just the thing for a NanBloPoMoHo to wear!


Cherry said...

Ugh! I hope Ian is home now!
What a week and that whole neighbor's house being broken into .... not settling at ALL!

I love the hoodie collection! I really want to get more hoodies as well. I was on this sweater hoodie kick for a few years (ok, so I still wear them even though they are all pilly and stretched out and fading or frankly too small). I love the idea of a long hoodie like that orange one. So chic!

MrsGrumpy said...

I like the snake hoodie. When my son was born and was bigger than huge, I thought it would be a good idea to wear matching sweat pants and was not, judging by pictures from the time.

gmcountrymama said...

Thats just horrible about your neighbors house!
I like the snake hoodie,and I used to love Esprit. There used to be an outlet store in Manchester VT, but sadly, it closed.

Diesel said...

I totally would have stayed home from school every day to keep from getting the other kids sick. That's how thoughtful I was.

Curiosity.Killer said...

I think you need some matching tattoos or some'in with that snake shirt. Or just a bad ass attitude.

I was about to say, you're such a great blogger. Thanks girl - for actually reading my posts almost everyday and commenting. I love you with each stroke of your keys...

Ahem. Don't wanna sound sappy or nutt'in. ;)

Curiosity.Killer said...

BTW, it's shitty that your neighbor got robbed. Did they break the door to get in?

To think Richman hill was such a highly respected area too. I know the highway system makes these crimes all too convenient as well. sigh.

Lock up and sleep tight, baby.

familymclean said...

Ahhhh, hoodie love! We called them bunny hugs as kids. I have an on again off again affair with them, depending on the length of my hair.
Love the peach one!!!!

Karen MEG said...

Thanks for being so kind and commenting on my post about hoodies of all things... desperate times call for desperate measures!
Melissa- LOL! When's Slither #2 coming home?
badness- I love WNTW, esp. the shopping!
Hi Donna- thanks, and thanks for popping in!
christy- I wear the orange one probably the most - it's a favourite.
rimarama-your comment has me rethinking the snake. I think that may have been why I bought it initially - visions of punk grandeur at an advanced age!
beachmama- it is creepy about my neighbours. I'm blogging late at night as it's taking me longer to get to sleep. ugh.
Hi Sandy- I end up wearing these things a lot! Maybe I should get one in each colour too.
Shawna-thanks. I actually found another 2 in my closet after I did this. I think I've got an addiction. I'm a NaBloPoMo Ho and proud of it!

Karen MEG said...

c-thanks, you're sweet. I'm only getting away with the blogging because the kids are sedated (just kidding; they indulge me too).
Bill- hoodies are a passion for me. Glad that I could share the wealth of knowledge.
gina- it is a bit sordid - that's half the fun!
Hi Cherry - Do you ever actually wear the hood? Just asking; I just discovered that I rarely ever do.
Mrs.Grumpy- post-baby it's all about comfort isn't it? I mean, it's hard to look chic with spitup all over you. Thanks for your comment.
GMCmama- Esprit's a bit hit and miss for me. I actually really liked their kids' line better.
Diesel - you were and still are, such an upstanding citizen.
CK- I think I've got the snake 'tude already. Ask Ian, he'll tell you all about it. And I'm checking your blog out for all the action. That incident behind us could happen anywhere. It's just a bit close to home for me.
familymclean- bunny hugs - how cute is that? I've never heard that term, but it's very appropriate.


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