Monday, November 26, 2007

Manic Monday :Rank

Yesterday was Grey Cup day, Saskatchewan vs. Winnipeg playing in the big stadium. It was a Father/Son/Girlie chili evening. I’m not a football fan. I don’t even understand the game, and normally Ian isn’t much into the spectator sports. But he’s a guy, so he catches every major final that comes his way. I just let him do his thing yesterday as he puttered around the house and garage, and then made dinner. Poured me a glass of wine once the meal was made and told me to join them at half-time. And I did leave the office, because who did I hear emanating from our spanking new TV?

Lenny Kravitz!!

What?! Was this a Canadian event? What was he doing there? Why did I care, as long as he was?! He was fantastic, and even though it was only about three songs, it was such a treat to see. He had a bit of plumber butt showing every so often, much to the amusement of L.

With all this hootin’ and hollerin’ (not from yours truly) going on during the game, this championship thing got me thinking. Why is it so important to aim for number 1? What is it that drives us to try to be the best at everything? Why do we have this innate need to be the first, to achieve the top rank? In class, in sports, at work, at life?

Given a choice, would you not want a number one ranking over being in last place?

So much pressure, so much stress.

Maybe it would just be easier if one stank at everything one did.

Stank perhaps, as in as rank as the mossy underwear sitting in the pile festering in the corner of my bathroom. You'd think we had some Grey Cup players living in this place.

I think I need to do some laundry.


Deb said...

Great Manic Monday post! I'm not sure if my post lived up to par or not... hmmm. Please come by and visit my blog, tell me what you think! RANK IT! LOL

Family Adventure said...

Too funny...I didn't realize that this was a specific post - using the word 'rank', but you managed to get it in there brilliantly. Stinkingly so :)

On a serious note, I would love to discuss that drive to be number one in everything. We even transfer it to our kids, I find. But...I believe that requires a face-to-face conversation and a bottle or two of vino. In other words, next year!

Hope work is going OK! Heidi

Jamie said...

It might be more comfortable to just settle for average, but coming in first is probably some evolutionary thing: Run It's a Saber Tooth Tiger .... glad I led the parade on that one, sorry about that Og

Gattina said...

I give a @#§# about ranks, why should I make an effort to be on rank one ? I just let go and see what happens. Safes you a lot of stress, lol !

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Love it. Well done for the word rank. Have a great MM. :)

the teach said...

Karen, interesting post! So who had enough pull to get Lenny Kravitz to half time?

Come visit me at "Work of the Poet"

J at said...

Lenny was on TV singing, and I missed it? I clearly need to get into sports.

Your husband watches sports while also cooking you dinner and pouring you wine? Clearly you married well. ;)

Regarding the whole ranking think, it kind of bugs real life, there is always someone out there better than you at any given thing, and someone worse than you, and ranking someone the best is a stupid illusion. But very sports minded.

Kellan said...

This was too funny and good job with the "rank" prompt. Take care. Kellan

Sandy C. said...

Very interesting point you raise. I often worry if my daughter will become wrapped up in this ideology of being #1.

I just hope that she strives to be the best she can in whatever she does, and high ranking will fall into a secondary position.

bec said...

Interesting topic. I think my stance is that one should try to achieve their own personal best. Comparing to others and constantly seeking to be THE best (in comparison to others, and external judgement etc) to me would not make a happy life. Once one in this situation achieves #1 status, would that be enough? would that be fulfilling enough, or would there be constant seeking to be #1 in something else and feeling inadequate if that #1 remained elusive... Constant unrest...Hmm...I think I'll settle for being my own personal best...

Hmm all this from one word. This is Manic!!! lol

Travis said...

Oh good question! I just know that it is better to win than to lose, although my coaches always told me that losing builds character.

Yes, my teammates and I would agree. But winning is FUN!

Happy MM!

Ginaagain said...

Great post Karen. We do tend to focus too much on being at the top of everything. I think this sometimes keeps kids from trying because they are afraid they will fail.

Oh.. and Mossy underwear? Eww! LOL


bec said...

I was just going to let the mossy underwear thing go. lolol

another good thing said...

I was waiting for Frank to Crank some Pranks before he Shrank.
yes, I read too much Dr. Seuss as a kid- or was that last week?

good job- no more lame-o.

gmcountrymama said...

I definately rank, I mean stank, I mean stink at sports and never cared about being #1. But I always enjoyed being #1 or 2 in top exam scores in college. I have a good short term memory which serves well in exams, too bad it's not so long term.
I try to praise my kids for effort even if they are not #1.
(I did the meme, go check it out if you ever have a moment)

mrsmogul said...

Yes who doesn't want to take the kids drinking!! I actually don't remember who said I love you first. I think at the time we got married he wanted to jump away from the ceremony to be honest. Well it worked out anyway!


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