Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Songs in the key of little “G”

[I know, that was an unnecessary quotation mark, but I thought it added effect. ]

Title: I don’t know it either

E – N- N-G-O
E – N- N-G-O
E – N- N-G-O

And I don’t know his Name-O


Title: Where did it go?

If you’re happy and you know;
Then you really gotta show,
If you’re happy and you know
Clap your hand


Title: What do they teach them at that school?

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Followed her to school one day, school one day, school one day
Then she had a baby sheep


Title: The new alphabet song



Now I know my ABC’s, next time won’t you sing with me.


Can't wait to pick her up from preschool today to see what's next in her repertoire.


Badness Jones said...

I love how kids mix the words up in songs! Too cute! Princess always ends the alphabet song with "how I know my abc's..." I know I'm gonna cry when she starts getting it right.

Bill said...

OMG...you stole my idea for a post! Arggggg! ;) Seriously, I've been putting together a post about this very topic, but now I can't do it because it would look like I'm copying you. Damn! Oh well...I'll share my favorite one of Jack's here then. He sings the other day "Going to the pond to wash my clothes. Oh No! My chicken is gone. Witches come through. One O'Clock. One O'Clock"

Oh no! My chicken is Gone? Awesome.

Dina said...

that really is too cute!! the mary had a little lamb was my favourite!

bec said...

LOL too funny. I should write down how Abigail (who calls herself "Giselle's Abby") sings her songs.

When she finishes the alphabet and says "Next time won't you sing with meeee-eee--eee--eee", I say yes and start singing with her. SHe then says "No, Mommy. I'M singing it!"...and I promptly shut up. LOL.

Ginaagain said...

I love the revised alphabet!

C said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG! She is ADORABLE! I LOVE Little G! I especially love how shy she was when we had our little visit! So cute!

Kellan said...

So cute - what a fun post. She is adorable (and ... you should be very worried). Have a great day. See ya.

Family Adventure said...

I think I just left a message, but it disappeared. Hmmmm...

I just wanted to state that the cuteness factor is quite high here! :)


bec said...

Family adventure--I can wholeheartedly say I conquer with your post! The cuteness factor is off the scales.

gmcountrymama said...

I love how my son changes the words to songs and he still doesn't get the alphabet correct. Then he will correct me when I sing a different ending to it.
Baby sheep? very funny!

familymclean said...

Too funny, I love it!

Valarie said...

Thanks for the laugh. That was really cute.

Gail said...

She's so cute! And she reminds me of my youngest niece, Maribeth.


melissa said...

The alphabet according to Thing 1 at age 3:


Which led to: "Elmo-P", master rapper.

Enjoy the little-ness. :)

Cherry said...

"Then she had a baby sheep"
I'm very glad I had tissue at my desk because that line totally made me do something I'm embarrassed about!

Christy said...

To cute! We too some issues with LMNOP...they just run together I guess.


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