Friday, January 18, 2008

Aloha Friday - Edition #1

So I've joined this cute tradition started by my friend Kailani, as it's perfect for a laydown low Friday. And although I did do some shopping today for the girl (alas, I did purchase some cheap T's for myself), I will save the recently acquired items for a future Friday Fashion Foto Shoot. Let's stir things up a bit with Aloha Friday. These are Kailani's words:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing heavy or thought-provoking.

For my first Aloha Friday, I thought I'd approach the hubs for something that was light, funny perhaps and definitely fun. Because I'm doing this after 2 glasses of Cave Spring Riesling (2006 , yes a very good year) and a Pomtini, so I'm not thinking too clearly. Some of his suggestions:

1/ Do you pick your nose when you drive?

2/ Don't you feel violated when you smell someone else's fart?

3/ What do you do if someone comes up to talk to you and they have a huge booger hanging out of their left nostril? Do you tell them, or do you do your darnednest not to stare at it, and leave it alone?

No, I don't think I'll ask any of those. Men -- don't you just love that little boy that never grows up?

So, here's my question of the day:

Do you like Salty or Sweet?

You know, according to Chinese Dim Sum rules, you're not supposed to mix the two. You have to eat up all the salty stuff, before the sweet. Can absolutely NOT have the sponge cake or egg tart or mango pudding, before finishing up the Har Gow or Siu Mai. I'll be honest, though, I personally don't think that desserts are the showcase of Chinese Cuisine.

Perhaps that's why I tend to like salty in general, as in chips, pretzels, cheezies, popcorn, pistachios, nachos. The salt around the margharita glass ... yum. Although I do like desserts, I can do without. I would gladly abandon dessert if promised a delectable appetizer. Escargots, grilled calamari par exemple?

So while my teeth are thanking me, I don't know if my arteries are.


Sandy C. said...

First....Dim Sum- HEAVEN! In any order served on the table :)

But I love it all!! I do tend to prefer the more salty foods such as chips, peanuts, popcorn, anything with soy sauce...but I do relish having those custard tarts, even though they go straight to my thighs, for dessert ;)

kailani said...

I would have loved to have heard the responses to some of your hubby's questions even if I would never answer them. LOL!

As for me, it really depends. I love both - sometimes together!

imaginary binky said...

Hmm. Tricky. I think I love them both equally. I'm an equal-opportunity consumer.

As for Dim Sum, I had it once when I worked with my Chinese compadres. My boss didn't tell me about the sweet/salty rule, but he was really crazy about getting us to order fried chicken feet. He even made me bring a few home to Phil. Ha!

familymclean said...

Salty all the way, and your hubby, yoo funny, and totally the same things my hub would have come up with too.

Kellan said...

So cute - your husbands questions!! I crave both salty and sweet. I imagine my desert while I am eating my meal and look forward to something sweet always at the end. Fun post - have a good weekend. Kellan

Beth said...

I love salty and sweet and I love them at the same time. My husband likes to mix a can of peanuts and a bag of plain M&M's. It is so yummy and so much better than peanut M&M's! Not sure why that is!

donna said...

I like both but I tend toward savory. Like you, I'd give up dessert for a good appetizer.

But sometimes, I really like them together. For instance my recipe for cornbread is pretty sweet, and I LOVE it with my spicy chili. Also, I love things like Peanut M&Ms (although I always eat the candy and chocolate off the peanut and then eat the peanut; I rarely pop the whole thing in my mouth and just chew). I also really like the Take 5 candy bar that Hershey's makes - chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, peanuts and pretzels. A perfect combo for a pregnant woman or a woman with PMS.

And you can tell your husband that as for #2, I totally agree with him.

Amber said...

I am definitely a sweet girl. In more ways than one. :-)

Kami said...

Oh Karen that is a very tough question for a gal like me.

I like to start off with a little salty and have a nice sweet finish.

Yes, I love it all. There are few foods I don't like and my arteries are not thanking me for all the love!


Thanks for stopping by!

melissa said...

I'm totally salty. Except during CERTAIN TIMES when I could take my corn chips and dip them chocolate sauce. Ewww, I know. I've never actually done it.

But even though I love all Asian food, I gotta admit they are a little thin on the dessert repertoire. I've always wondered a bit about that.

bec said...

I wish I could say salty, but I've got a horrible sweet tooth. Always have. My mom used to call ME the Cookie Monster. I do sway between both extremes but lately the only popcorn I've been eating is Crunch 'N Munch, toffee coated...The carb police should be after me. I know salt is bad yadayada, but from all the carb stuff in the press, it's the sweets that get you in the end.
Suffice it to say, I'm going to the dentist Monday...Methinks me, Cookie Monster, have some cavities...

I like Ian's questions, too. In just one week I think I need more than one hand to count the number of people I've seen picking their noses while driving. I've seen more people nose picking than drinkng coffee, or using a cellphone!!

Family Adventure said...

I like both...I couldn't choose. I will tell you,though, that I am madly missing DIM SUM here in Norway. Let's go as soon as I come home, okay? Ambassador??

Oh, and Ian: Nice questions, dude. Mike approved :)


Emily said...

Couldn't live with out my sweets!

slouching mom said...

oh, sweet. definitely. more's the pity.

your husband cracks me up!

Jenn said...

Hey Pomtini....

Can I just say that now I am starving!! For dim sum, chips, cake, whatever!!!

I pick in the salty crackers that go with my very dry wine!!


Blog Hopper SHW said...

I like both, together usually. Chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms and popcorn, pretzels with Reisling.

J at said...

I'm a salty person, too. I've never had sweet at a chinese restaurant, though, outside of fortune cookies or a sliced up orange. My chinese coworkers in San Francisco used to tell me that chinese people didn't eat many sweets in china, so not much of a taste for it. I guess I'm part chinese, then! (though like you, I do LIKE it, just that I can easily forgo it).

Anonymous said...

on a side note, i love dim sum. as for my preference, right now i'm into the salty stuff - i had gastric bypass last june and ever since i've craved salt big time - i can't get enough of it. i can tolerate the sweet stuff, but don't really indulge unless it's "that time of the month" then all bets are off and i'm chugging chocolate and salt together!


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