Saturday, March 08, 2008

Scrolling Saturdays

It's another snowstormy, cocooning day. And I have spent the majority of it in the kitchen, first pureeing cauliflower to put into scrambled eggs and banana bread (courtesy of Mrs. Seinfeld's controversial cookbook). Figures, the boy who eats everything loves it; the picky girl, nada. And just for the record, I am SO NOT Martha.

For today's Scrolling Saturday I thought I would go back to my archives and see what was happening around this time last year. And lo and behold, I was blogging away about hubs and his business travels ...again. Just what does he bring home to his fashion-obsessed wife from his trips?

The other day I said to Ian "Why do I feel like I'm always washing the dishes" to which he replied, "Maybe because you are." And I realized that yes, I do spend a lot of my day washing dishes. We do, of course, have a dishwasher, but I always feel the need to do a pre-wash before anything goes in, and of course, pots and pans always take up so much room and leave very little space for efficient dish stacking. And no, I cannot put that precious Zyliss Salad spinner in there either. Afraid of it melting. For some reason I hate washing that thing the most of all. Maybe it's all the nooks and crannies, and how it just never seems to dry...

There's a story to that Salad Spinner. It made its way into our household all the way from Barcelona, Spain. Yes, that's right, my husband found that lovely kitchen item during a business trip there over a year ago, bought it for the amazing deal of about 35 Euros (gasp!). Couldn't pack it so of course took it through customs, had to declare it ... his work buddies thought it was quite amusing, to say the least. I suppose I should be proud of my husband that he's so confident in his own skin (he may have been the first metrosexual in his day, but you'd never know it) that he could take all the barbs and the teasing about this kitchen gadget without a second thought. And that spinner does do wonders with our greens. Who would have thought Spain should be famous for their spinners?

Oh well, at least he got me a beautiful silk pashmina the last time he was in Italy. I guess there are some fringe benefits to his work travel, if not just to keep our kitchen well- equipped.


suchsimplepleasures said...

i always pre-wash, too. have too! it's a sickness.
i never bought that book. luckily, my kids eat their fruits and veggies. phew because i don't think i have it in me to puree vegetables and add them to things like chicken nuggets and banana siree!!
and, i don't have a salad spinner but, that's so cool that it comes all the way from spain!!
have an awesome night!

Sandy C. said...

Ah, exotic kitchen bling personally delivered, it doesn't get any better than that ;)

What a sweet hubby you have :) Hope you're weekend is fabulous!

Fine as Wine (but not really drinking) said...

I pre-wash too, but somehow my cheapo apartment dishwasher manages to deposit strange items on my dishes. I have no idea where it is coming from.

I think that's really sweet that your husband went through that to get that spinner to you!

Tara R. said...

Wow... and all I get when hubs goes on a business trip is a lousy t-shirt. =) Love me some kitchen gadgets.

blog hoppin' - etcetera

Maureen said...

Dishes? I hate pre-washing...

I am always doing laundry. It will never be done.

Blog Hoppin'

Beth said...

I'm jealous! My husband never brings me back anything from his business trips! hump!


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