Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen : I confess

I was tagged by Melinda Zook (7 random confessions) and Real World Mom (7 random things), so as I'm such a multi-tasker, I thought I'd combine my efforts here on a Thursday Thirteen morning...

Six Synonyms for the Word "Confession"

1. Admission
2. Affirmation
3. Concession
4. Declaration
5. Disclosure
6. Revelation

Seven Random Confessions

1. I have major potty mouth while I’m driving.

2. I have never tried any drugs other than prescription or Over-the-counter variety. Goody-goody I know. I certainly had the opportunity, but after a while it was just “what’s the point, if I haven’t done it so far, why bother?”

3. I have, however, smoked cigarettes, a cigar and even an herbal cigarette (eeww). All without coughing up a lung.

4. I tried to do the ultimatum thing to get an engagement ring. Silly, silly girl. Bad advice from a gorgeous friend whose own strategy did work. Now she’s rich.

Didn’t work for me. But in the end I still got the guy.

5. I am a terrible liar. If you hooked me up to a lie detector machine, I’d probably set it on fire.

6. I was a really mean big sister while growing up. At least to my sister who is only 20 months younger than me. My brother is the baby, so I spoiled him more than anything else.

I used to tell my sister that she was adopted (she didn’t have a strong resemblance to anyone in the family). And also that when you flush the toilet, the water comes back up through the tap.

I’m sure she still thinks I’m a bitch the odd time nowadays. But just won’t tell me to my face.

7. I let my kids have way too much screen time. My daughter learned what the Statue of Liberty was from TV.

My son plays Runescape too much (I bought him an upgraded account to vanquish the whining). To remedy that, I asked him if he wanted a blog (you know, at least he’d be doing some creative writing). Hubs reaction: “Uh, we are so NOT going there … are you NUTS?!”

So there's thirteen for ya. Thanks to my second cup of java, I can add this morning.

This one has been around for a bit, so if you haven’t yet done it and feel so inclined … gotcha!

For more thirteen go here.


Toni said...

Great list. Hunter learned to jump from the "Tubbies"...

Have a great weekend.

arlene said...

I also love playing practical jokes on my mom and sister. Downside, they always believe me. But soon they will find out im just pulling a prank.

Good thing your sister outgrew the toilet flush thing... =)

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

I had to laugh about the potty mouth while driving confession! I thought everyone was like that! LOL! Thanks for playing along!

A Man Among Mommies said...

I don't think anyone has a potty mouth while driving...

Doing a little Blog Hopping Early while Bouncing a Cranky Baby...

Melinda Zook said...

Thanks for bearing it all; congrats for staying drug-free, at least you won't sound like a hypocrite in front of your kids! Yeah, I hope they never read my blog : )

Sounds like you and my sister had something in common...she loved to torture me too.

Kami said...

I am so with you on the drugs thing, I mean, why? WHY?

And I did the ultimatium thing for the ring, and it worked. Some men, my husband to be exact, don't handle change well!


Sandy C. said...

OMG!!! it comes back through the faucet?!?!?! You're terrible! I may never look at tap water the same ever again ;)

I'm guilty of the ultimatum thing too. I did get an engagement ring... Actually, I'm sorry, a dust particle landed on my finger :(

Xbox4NappyRash said...

awww she's just too cute. I love her wee accent.

I want an American kid.

Karen MEG said...

@Xbox - the ironic thing is that she's a Canadian kid, so what's she learning all about the Statue of Liberty for LOL?!! She does have the accent though... when I was little everyone thought I was from Texas. Weird.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

you know what the funny thing is, as soon as I wrote that I said to myself that she'll actually be Canadian...

but she didn't say 'Oooot' or 'Sooooorry' so I must be forgiven, it's law.

I miss Degrassi Junior high...

Life As I Know It said...

My sister used to tell me I was adopted too!
We're much closer now than when we were kids :)

Candi said...

My son loves Runescape too! He plays that more than World of Warcraft, which is much more expensive and better graphics (makes no sense). I told him both are getting canceled in the summer though.

So,,,what kinds of things do you say when you are driving, miss potty mouth?!

Jeff said...

Cute video! Good for her... I never learn anything from watching TV.

C. K. said...

LOL I'd love to be in the car with you.

David said...

I bumped into your blog in a round about way. I'm glad I did, I so enjoyed and will be back.
Thanks for sharing.
It's also nice to see someone from my province.

David said...

Great Post! Loved and laughed.
I told my older sister many times that I always got one more Christmas present every year than she did. It drove her nuts, even though my Mother was fanatical about even/steven in the Christmas count.
Thanks for sharing, and thank you so much for the great comments on my blog and my sons ost. It is truly appreciated. I did share your comments with Dan.

Don Mills Diva said...

That's a good list - I thinkwe all have potty mouths when driving!


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