Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

The following is a morning e:mail exchange between yours truly and her man, who is currently gallivanting around Europe (grrrr...)

The Girl: I hate those city plows. You should have seen the pristine driveway we had as of end of the day yesterday... the kids and I cleaned it up after the service came.
Then the city came and blocked me.... this morning, with the icy blocks that fell off of the hills that the kids and I had made.
So alas, my morning workout awaits...

The Guy: Clearly the garbage men haven't spoken to the plowmen. I am so sorry for them. You could always send an email to the works department letting them know that you are going to kill them...

Yup, he knows me and he still loves me.

Thirteen reasons I am very lucky to be married, and happily at that (note, G-rated version only, as some things have to be kept private). Or the "opposites" of love.

1. I am the resident recycling station manager. In other words, every week I dutifully bundle up the papers, cardboard, tins etc. But on the day before hubs' business trip, I yelled at him. Actually, it was more of a bloodcurdling scream which got him running to me. Why? Because he put shredded paper on top of my recycling bin. A big no-no. I've told him so because technically the city won't take it; but really because it's a bloody pain for me to gather up all the shreds and figure out a way to bundle the mess.

I'm type A and he loves me.

2. I'm a slob and hate housework. Husband is a fastidious guy who hates clutter. He knew that going in, and yet he still married me.

3. I hate doing laundry and I don't iron. See 2, above.

4. I'll admit it, I don't like gas stations much, so everytime he borrows my car, he has to fill the tank. My inner teen shines.

5. He loves winter and winter activities. I love the beach and the water.

6. He is patient. I am impatient.

7. I'm an ISTJ. He's an ENFP.

8. He loves sleeping in a cold room. I sleep with at least two blankets and often socks as well.

9. He loves fruit. I love vegetables.

10. I love to dress up. He loves to dress down.

11. I'm a planner. An obsessed planner. He leaves things until the last minute. And curses, it always works out for him.

12. I tend to be melancholy and a thinker. He's a dreamer and seeker of all possibilities.

13. He's a nurturing parent. I'm the task-master.

But there is one thing we've done well together. We produced two beautiful children. So therein lies the real magic of our opposites.


Kellan said...

I think this is my list as I can't believe how many of those sound just exactly like my hubby and me - REALLY!! Hope he is doing well and you without him.

Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for the prayers for our precious baby. We are hoping for the best, of course, and appreciate all the prayers. See you soon - Kellan

Kami said...

I don't iron either! What for? It's just going to get wrinkled again anyway.

You so should do a hair post! I wanna see, I wanna see ;-)

The Immoral Matriarch said...

I'm a #2 as well. :)

OHmommy said...

Hmmm... nice idea for a post. You guys sound like us. I dress up, he dresses down. I hate laundry, he does the laundry. LOL.
Nice post!

LunaNik said...

#2...totally me!! Heh. But here's my problem, hubs is a slob too.

Di said...

I love that you know each other's Meyers-Briggs. I'm an ENFJ, by the way.

Life As I Know It said...

Sounds like you two balance eachother out nicely!
Great post!

Sandy C. said...

Hun, we must have been separated at birth. Too bad our husbands weren't too. I hate laundry, so does he. I don't iron, neither does he. $50 + a cleaning service = were still lazy, but we have clean clothes :)

Loved this t-13! a great idea!

chanpheng said...

Well, they said that opposites attrack. Looks like it works well in your life!

dkuroiwa said...

This is too funny!! For the majority of your list...for your things, I said "oh..that's kiyoshi"...and for your husband, I said "that's me"!!!
I love the fact that "opposites attract" worked for us!!! :-D
(and my hub. is a great ironer...I just kind of "schoosh-schoosh" and I'm done!!...that was the sound of ironing!!! And we share laundry...I do and hang out, he brings in and we both attempt to fold!!!)

THopgood said...

OKay...stupid question alert....what on earth is an ISTJ and an ENFP??!!

I swear you wrote this list for me you've described me and my hubby to the "T". Opposites attract...your hubby compliments you!

Badness Jones said...

LOL! My hubs and I are polar opposites as well....and as much as he drives me insane, I know that it would be much, MUCH, worse to be married to someone who was just like me! Great list.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Those are thirteen great things to be thankful for! Thank God we're all a little different, otherwise things would be so boring! It sounds like you understand each other very well. I detest those plow people who pile the snow back at the end of the drive after you've just removed it all, they're evil! :o)

Have a great weekend!


suchsimplepleasures said...

#7...what does that mean? curious, here!
the rest...we...are the same! our hubbies...brothers? perhaps? sound very similar!!
have a great night!!

Anonymous said...

Stewart and I are complete opposites too, but somehow it works out perfectly!
You know I am am amazed how you can write almost every single day and still be uber interesting!


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