Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They say it's your birthday

(and are these not beautiful, courtesy of my SIL who went all out over T-giving)

It's my birthday too, yeah.


So today's the day, and all of Canada is so excited, hopefully they'll go out and vote!

What's on today's agenda? Well, I started out with half and half cream in my coffee instead of 1% milk, I have to do a little work, run a few errands, vote ... but I will treat myself by checking out a newly renovated mall. Sans kids.

Thank goodness for life's little pleasures.

The last few years of birthdays, it hasn't been more than just another day really, another few pounds after a feast with family. This is the problem with having a birthday around Thanksgiving.

Roast beef dinner on Saturday; steak dinner last night with my parents and sister's family; and special birthday dinner with the man tonight. No beef or duck for me, though, as apparently I don't want to be a quack (ancient Chinese rules).

Yes, I am missing my favourite gyrating workout night to go to my fave restaurant in our neck of the woods.

They say that before you hit 45, it is possible for a woman to get rid of an advancing gut with exercise. So thank goodness there are still a couple of years left where there is hope.

Hope starts tomorrow ;).

PS. I did something crazy - well for me - that I just may post in a couple of days. I have to wait until I'm good and drunk to share it though.


gmcountrymama said...

Happy Birthday!!
I am glad to hear that if I excersise I will lose my gut. LOL

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Happy birthday!! =)

Kori said...

Apparently I LIKE my gut, because meh-exercise? Yeah. Happy birthday!

Xbox4NappyRash said...


Miss said...

Oh yea! Go girl! It's yo birthday! ;-) Have a great and wonderful day!

OHmommy said...




imbeingheldhostage said...

HAPPY BDAY!!!! 45, huh? I have never been so happy to read someone's birthday post. I have a year to rid me of a gut :-)

ok, but I'm dying for you to get drunk now so I can hear what you did... (did you buy you some green you by crocs?)

BeachMama said...

Happy BIrthday!!

Glad to hear I have a few more years to get the gut under control ;).

Hope you had a great birthay.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Happy bday! Celebrate well!

Mrs4444 said...

Happy Birthday! (and good luck with that gut thing :)

Kami said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

And you have got to dish on what you did. I won't sleep until you do. Hopefully the wine was flowing at dinner with hubby and you will come home and share.


I love that, hope starts tomorrow! I have a good 11 years then...procrastination!

Jocelyn said...

I want to read about your crazy.

Happy birthday, Dear Advancing Gut But Not Yet. I was born with a gut, so maybe it'll start to diminish after 45?

BusyDad said...

Oh, did you say you need help getting good and drunk? I actually freelance in that. You can even pay me in drinks. HAPPY B-DAY KMEG!

Kimmylyn said...

I cannot wait to hear what you did!! (as I sit on the edge of my seat..)

And Happy Birthday again.. hope it was great!! xoxoxox

Kathryn said...

Quick! Get drunk so we can find out what you did!!!!!

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day! :)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Ack! You mean, after 45 the gut sticks? Crap. I'm 43 in December, which means not much time left.

What's wrong with being a quack? ;)

Happy (belated) birthday. Hope your dinner was LOVELY.

Badness Jones said...

Alright you - dish! Go get yourself a pomtini and tell us about the crazy.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday!

I laughed when I read the word "Meh". I dated a guy in Canada that would say that all the time. He even had a T-shirt that said "Meh". :)

(visiting from mbc)

Maureen said...

Sorry I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Another Libra like moi!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

happy bday to you and your gut (tee hee)


Kat said...

Aww, happy birthday!!! Sorry I missed saying that on the day!

Cherry said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

And um... what gut?

April said...

Happy (late) bday! Hope it was a good one.

dkuroiwa said...

Okay, so I have totally missed the birthday...so sorry...but...Happy Birthday, anyway...hope it was a good one!!
And yeah..that gut thing? I'm 46 and should be working harder to get it toned a bit...you're smart to be doing all that now....Energy is your friend...I think I kicked mine out of the house months ago!!!

I hope you got lots of presents, flowers and hugs and love...and cake...you gotta have cake!!! :-D


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