Friday, October 31, 2008

To NaBloPoMo or not to NaBloPoMo...

Hit me baby one more time.

I've decided to try NaBloPoMo again this year. Last year it just about wiped me, as I managed to get through the whole month of daily posting despite picking up a stressful first-time consulting project. The bonus was the fab blogging community I found, and some wicked, wicked, blogs and bloggy friends.

This year, with work winding down a bit and me missing my blog time, I'm looking forward to it. But, gulp, it starts tomorrow.

I'm not one of those organized bloggers. I have, let me see, maybe three draft posts with one liners in them. Brain farts, really. Other than that, I'm a blog-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of girl.

Like this morning, for instance. I had nothing on my mind until about half an hour ago.

Hubby is back from his trip, dealing with jet-lag but also catching up with work-work that happens while he's away. The homecoming was sweet for the kids and all, I am so very happy that he's home. And today, of course, he took the day off to take his prince and princess to school, and volunteer at the kindergarten halloween festivities. The girlie couldn't stop talking about it all week.

How easily we slip back into the routine, though. As per usual, I get up with the kids, put the coffee on (I know I have a timer, but I have no energy to set it sometimes the night before) ... make them breakfast, make the boy's lunch, his mid-morning snack, the girlie's mid-morning snack. Get her washed up, get her Halloween costume on, pack her backpack, the boy's backpack, yell at the boy to get ready.. well, you get it. Hubs, bless his heart, pours me a coffee .. that sits there.

Girlie has to go to the washroom, so Daddy helps her. Good. Then he goes back to his coffee and paper, while I continue to rush around packing stuff.

I look at the clock, we've still got a few minutes... the kids are at the door. Uh, where's Daddy?

Me: "What are you doing there?" (not snarkily at all, honestly)

The man: "Just sorting through her drawings and stuff."

Me: "Do you think you could do something else like maybe help me get the kids coats on?" (yes, very snarkily this time).

The man: "Yes ma'am"...

Is it just me who finds this annoying? I mean, he's a great, great dad, and husband, but I find there's a missing "need to get the whole family ready" gene. No sense of it. The kids are even rushing him, as the boy is whining "Dad, where are you, we're gonna be so late!!!".

As he heads out the door, he says to me "If you get some time, do you think you could sort through those papers?"*.


I find these words, and sometimes the odd look that he makes at the crumbs under the kitchen table, piles of laundry that haven't yet been folded, scattered toys around the family indictment of my failings. I'm just a horrible homemaker, and I know it. So even if this isn't his intent, I take it as such.

So what do I do instead of squeezing in that extra hour to do some work, work, before going to the gym for a much needed workout? I pop my coffee into the microwave. And then I get the vacuum out.

But I move that pile into the other room.

(*I must admit, I was raised by a pile-making mother. That was her filing system, and I've started along that course as well. With all the mail that came through for the man and the school permission slips, homework, artwork, it was all in one pile to be sorted. And the man is fulfilling the role of my father, the "pile-tosser" very well. He's been known to toss my son's homework into the recycling every so often, yes he has....)


So I promise, November will not be an entire month of my venting. At least I'll try my darnedest.


Immoral Matriarch said...

Good luck!

bec said...

LOL very relateable. Looking forward to lurking during Nablopomo. Still haven't got my blog up and running. (BTW do you remember my password you set it up with? That would be a start for me LOL).

Good thing about NaBloPoMO is it starts the day after Hallowe'en so there's Hallowe'en to blog about.

If you really have a blank, maybe tomorrow when we come over we could leave a poo-bag behind?? We don't have a dog, but the baby could provide the necessary material perhaps?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Stewart is a piler too, but he leaves them all over the house - NOT just one big pile.

Also, missing the GET READY gene. The man has some stupid ideas on top of that like POPSICLES for a BEDTIME snack for a 2 year old! GAH!!!!!

Badness Jones said...

At least your husband wasn't in bed - Mine got up to say good-bye to the kids this morning...after I'd got them dressed, the Princess in her costume, lunch and snack made and packed, everybody fed, the cupcakes for her party (that I'd made the night before) balanced precariously on top of the stroller...yeah, thanks babe.

Dina said...

gosh do i understand the pile syndrom...that was like a blog entitled Welcome to My Life!!

as for hubby not getting it...i guess we can blame that on them being male!

kayla said...

You have a great blog. i found you some how when i was looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia. I iwish you all the best.

dkuroiwa said...

I have joked to friends that sometimes I feel like I am a "full-time-working-married-single-mother"...and I'm pretty serious about it other times!! You have my sympathy...if I were closer I'd bring coffee and donuts (if it were in the AM) or cold beers and some really great dip and chips (in the PM!)

Blogging every day? Good luck, girl! You can do it!!!
I thought about it and then...nah! maybe next time. I have a hard time blogging normally sometimes, the added pressure I think would make me nuttier!!!

April said...

Vent away!!
I contemplated doing NaBloPoMo. But somehow it's already Nov., isn't it?

BelleEnchanted said...

Loved this post! There's nothing wrong with piling, you know. I pile everything, and the thing is, I always know which pile it's in! Now, isn't that the whole point of the whole organization thing anyway? And I think my piles look artistic. Makes my home well-lived in, well-loved :) Glad to see you're doing NaBloPoMo, I'm looking forward to reading your posts!

Huckdoll said...

Happy to read you're doing NaBloPoMo! Brain farts are OK with me :) I might fart a little myself.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Vent away hon, it only helps the rest of us get through our similar indictments.(I'm a pile-er)

About Nablopomo this year, I'm getting signals from commenters that they don't want their readers jammed full everyday. It's made me wonder whether or not I should go through with it. Has anyone given you a bad time about it?


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