Monday, November 03, 2008

Greener Days

One of our local radio stations ran a "Green Day - American Idiot" weekend in honour of the upcoming U.S. election. Every few songs, they would play a Green Day hit.

How interesting that this band was credited by some as the group that brought to the forefront, or at least made publicly acceptable (remember the Dixie Chicks?) the whole anti-Bush wave.

Whatever their political inclinations, I've always really enjoyed Green Day's music. They came out with their first big album around the time that I got married (wow, THAT long ago) and they were just boys back then. I remember when I purchased "Dookie", to add to our audio library. There was a part of me that felt, well, let's just say a little mature to be buying music from this alt rock/punk band. But I found the music pretty catchy, and I was still young enough to imagine that I wouldn't look matronly in your average mosh pit.

As Ian has always told me, I have a golden touch when it comes to purchasing CDs. CDs that he wouldn't necessarily buy himself, but he would end up enjoying so much he'd forget that it wasn't him who bought the thing in the first place. "Dookie", of course, scored big time for the band.

It was still on pretty heavy rotation the year we started what unbeknownst to us would become a long infertility journey. Cranking up "When I Come Around" on a Friday evening after work, talking about plans for our weekend while making dinner in our tiny galley kitchen, enjoying what we thought would be limited couple time before having babies in our midst ... never expecting it to take four years before we were to become expectant parents.


Here we are in 2008. The Boy, after a couple of years of coaxing and cajoling from frazzled parents, has finally decided that he is interested in taking music lessons. Of the guitar variety. We found him a teacher who is a musician in a couple of bands. A long-haired young man, laid back, soft spoken with the look of a younger, thinner Kevin Smith. Certainly a change from my first music teacher (a scary nun who wanted to smash the ganglion on my wrist with a bible ... ugh).

And the first song the Boy is learning to play on the guitar?

(which incidentally, came out the year I got pregnant with little G)

How cool is that?


Melissa said...

I really like Greenday, too. And yeah, the American Idiot song has been going through my head so much lately...

Although Weird Al's version is pretty funny.

C said...

Wow! That is soooooo cool! I love Greenday too, btw! :)

I was going to call/e-mail/FB you when I got air lifted to Mount Sinai just to let you know I was in town if you wanted to meet up! ;) LOL! I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here until "Junior" is born. We're going onto week 27 tomorrow and I HOPE he/she doesn't decide to come before week 32 at least!!!

Anyway, I'm here :) If you and The Girlie wanna come and hang out, I'll be here for a while!

My aunt said that if she sees you at Body Jam she'd let you know which room I'm in. I can't FB anyone since Mount Sinai has blocked FB. *sigh*


Kori said...

Loving the vid, and dude-good taste.

Miss said...

the kid obviously got his good taste from his mom! Green Day RULES.

Dina said...

LOVE Green day too!!
too cute that L is taking lessons and learning that song!


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