Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Cougar Update

So while we await further news about whether the demise of Lipstick Jungle is as imminent as initially reported, the cougar is, in the meantime on the prowl.

We've been watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada as a family since it first aired earlier this fall. And despite the current controversy, especially this week's results where two of the very best dancers were eliminated (Arassay and VINCENT??!!!) while some questionable choices remain, we will continue to watch.

Well, I will, with my children's blessing be watching because of this fellow. He's young, sexy, cute, French, and does he ever dance with passion and heat:

And here he is solo...

Oh I know he's like, 20 years my junior, but there's no harm in admiring, right? Me and all the screaming 16 year olds of the Nico fan club.

And then there's Miles, the cousin of bloggy pal Haley of Cheaty Monkey. He is brillers too:

Miles is a B-boy and Allie is a ballerina! Amazing stuff!

So I'll be watching and voting all right.


April said...

I just started watching the US version this year, and LOVE this show!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this week's results were disappointing to say the least! Count me in the Nico fan club, though.


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