Saturday, February 14, 2009

Celebrating my inner Rednecked...ness

I'm just getting back into the rhythm of regular blogging in time for a celebration, a virtual shower in honour of the original and fantastic RedNeck Mommy, who is welcoming into her Redneck clan, a new 5 year old son. What an incredible and remarkable journey, for an incredible woman and family.

The brilliant hosts of this shower have thrown out the challenge to us to post in the theme of "You know you're a Redneck Mommy when..."

Being Canadian and raised in Scarberia - (a.k.a Scarborough, a Canadian suburb known for spawning the likes of Mike Myers/ Wayne's World, for my non-Canadian friends) this shouldn't be THAT difficult, eh?

After all, I did dress up like this in high school for a joke, but was only half laughing...

So here we go...

- you run out of the house with your 4 month old on your hip, screaming at the garbageman and picking a fight with him for doing a sloppy job;

- you smile proudly as you discover your 2 year old daughter has inherited the family's two-minute long belch;

- the picture of your 1 year old guzzling from a Coors Light bottle brings tears to your eyes and makes your heart sing;

- you let your kids have chips and fruit punch for breakfast and Mr. Noodle (it's pasta isn't it?) for lunch (hey, starch and fruit are major food groups... gotta get back to the blogs, don'tcha know...);

- your main beauty regimen consists of plucking that one lone chin hair that crops up every 8 weeks;

- you manage to use the "f" word each and every time you take the kids to Canada's Wonderland. They keep track of the number of times, and you cheer them on for their mathematical brilliance;

-you're the resident fly-swatter in the house, and have found the diaper to be an essential part of your arsenal;

-you've got a trucker tan;

-your kids knew how to head bang (all night long, baby) by the age of 1.

(see if you can guess which of the above are in fact, true)


Congratulations to you and your forever family, Tanis.
I wish you all the best.


C said...

LOL! Oh, Karen! You are a hoot!!! Wow...Am I really the first to comment for once?!?!

Happy V-Day one day late! XO

C said...

BTW, I was born in Scarberia. LOL! We moved to MTL soon after though.

Scarberia...Canada's "worst drivers EVER" capital!!

Redneck Mommy said...

I think you and I may have been separated at birth.


Thank you so much for playing along and helping to welcome my son into our family and my online community.

Big love to you.


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