Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Fragmented and Blog Farts

Friday Fragments?

So here we are, another Friday, another week gone by, and little inspiration for anything substantial today.

Last week was my inaugural Friday Fragments post, hosted by the lovely Ms4444. And this week I discovered another great blog, Brandy's place (like I have time for more, but how can you control an addict) where I found Blog Fart Fridays, which is also a concept I will embrace wholeheartedly. Now, according to blog etiquette, can I use both terms?

Ack, whatevs. Call it a strategic alliance.


No Friday Fashion posts lately, but that's not because I haven't been shopping. I do, however, realize that I should shop my closet before heading out again. A lot of the styles I've been seeing are reminiscent of things I already have stuffed in my spring/summer drawers.

I did get a mani/pedi this week though:
Pretty neutral "Tickle Me Francey" by OPI.

"Miami Beet" by OPI for a little treat...and the little foot included to distract from the bunion...

So I've been surfing eBay trying to get the best deal on some OPI nailpolish; calculator in hand at 11 PM in front of the TV. That conversion from USD is a bitch. My husband thinks I'm nuts.


Little bro has fixed my computer. Yay! Lame big sister still hasn't saved her photos to CD. Better work fast before that "L" on my forehead starts showing again.


My credit card has been compromised!! I tried to use it at the liquor store this morning (yes, liquor at 10:00AM) and it was declined. I tried again later and it was declined again. After phoning the credit card company and being transferred to the fraud squad, I confirmed that no, I didn't try to use my card at Dillard's in Phoenix, Arizona for a $562 purchase yesterday. I wish I had, but I instead was pumping gas and purchasing Perler tweezers in suburban Ontario. Exciting stuff.

So the card has to be trashed. A minor inconvenience, but I'm so glad they caught it. It's the third time we've had this happen. The first time the cops phoned us and said our number was found on a list of stolen numbers. The second time, thieves charged drycleaning, pizza and videos from Blockbuster on our card, which wouldn't be out of the ordinary if it wasn't clear across town at odd hours.

I'm suitably impressed by these fraud busters.


Hubs came home early today after a dental appointment. As it was a lovely afternoon, he suggested a barbecue, which I also had on my mind. As he was working up the grill, I decided to put on some tunes, looking forward to hearing some Ray Lamontagne...

smooth, smoky, sounds...hey --- why is the MiniPops 5 CD in here and where is my CD? Little pre-pubescent voices singing The Pussy Cat Dolls just ain't gonna do it...Ray's CD* packaging is empty.

Where's RAY???

Hyperventilating, and because I hadn't had much at lunch to eat, everything was going 'white' in front of my eyes, as in "I'm going to pass out ..." white.

Hubs grabs me a cookie and passes me a glass of wine...

"Here, geez, have something to eat, drink something, you're crazy. It's only a CD!".

"But it's RAY!!!"

"It'll turn up. Don't be such a freak."

Wonderfully placated within seconds...I'm such a cheap date.

So I'll resume the hunt tomorrow.


I've done a couple of more reviews on the other blog... one about cleaning (stop laughing...Swiffer encourages it...) and the other about some beauty products at Joe Fresh that I just had to try for myself ...


(* I know, I'm so ridiculously old school...well, I mean OLD. This should be on my iTunes or something, right?)

Update on the Taekwondo Kid: It appears as if they've "kissed and made up" and are both back at school. Suspensions have been dismissed, but the charges for assault are still hanging over the Korean boy's head even though the broken nosed boy's family have asked for them to be dropped. No can do, only the Crown can do that, once you get the police involved. Good going, school admin. Hopefully the powers that be in the Crown office will see reason.

And according to reports, there was no history of bullying between these particular two boys.

But in my opinion, "poor choice of words" during a fight, does not negate a racial slur. "Doesn't know why he said those things..."? Those words come from somewhere within, even if the kid and family "aren't racist'. And he still threw the first punch along with it.


Tara R. said...

It must be an epidemic (don't tell the WHO), but our card was compromised too. Had to get new PIN numbers. Love the polish, very sassy on the toes.

'blog farts' *snort*

Midwest Mommy said...

I want a mani and pedi now, lol!

Mrs4444 said...

You are a pro at these fragments already, my friend! Nicely done.

Nice nails! As for the bunion, I've been there (had surgery), and I'm glad I had it fixed. It's been 19 years now, and I've had nary a problem since.

Someone got into our I-Tunes account last week and helped themselves to two $50 gift cards, charged to my debit card. Bastards! I'm so glad they caught the red flag on your account before too much damage was done.

Hope you found your CD... :)

OHmommy said...

I heart your blog farts. it feels like you are talking to me. LOVE the new OPI color, will ask for it.

Deb said...

Pretty toes!! Can I suggest Opi's Little Red Wagon (or something to that effect)? I have it on my toes right now, and it's fabulous! I may have to buy a bottle of my very own.

Cheryl said...

OPI on Ebay, I never even thought!!! I had a pedi last week, no clue what they put on me, I said pink pink pink.....
Love the snapshot update
Happy MOthers day!

Huckdoll said...

I love that you were at the liquor store at 10am, love your polish, love Ray LaMontagne and love your Friday Fragments!!

Happy Mother's Day Mama xo

Kim said...

Blog farts.. seriously the best title ever..

And the nail polish.. What is your color scheme??I can get them for like $2 here.. i can buy them and then mail them to you.. :)


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