Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments, the brainchild of the lovely lady Mrs.4444, who I might add, I am SO excited to hopefully meet next week. Make sure you visit her place and give some comment love.

On with the show...

It was my sister's birthday this past Tuesday. We took her to a Peruvian restaurant in her neighbourhood,and as usual, there was a bit of drama. Yes, the restaurant got my reservation numbers wrong, and yes, they tried to blame me for the fact that the person took down the wrong information. Oh, and yes, they did charge us the standard service charge for large groups (even though we only took up 8 spots, 4 of which were children) and tried to sneak it by us by only giving us the credit card chit and the end, and not the entire, detailed bill. Don't you just love it when they try to get you to tip on top of the tip? An honest mistake? Maybe, but this has happened to us before... grrr.

The beer did help a little, and the food was good. But I was left with a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth because of the service. My sister had a great time, though, and she only remembered that she also had problems with service the last time she was there, after I had these issues.

Nevertheless (and this was supposed to be a happy fragment) she had a wonderful time. I've offered to take her to a cooking class with me when she has a chance, as a present. She's always great with presents - remember the gorgous Giselle - me, not so much. So I'm looking forward to that.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was crazy, so it helped diminish some of the melancholy about not having Dad around at the celebration. Things are starting to get a little easier. The girls' birthdays next week (they turn TWO!) will be a tough, though I'm sure.


I had an interview on my sister's birthday. So, a very busy, crazy day. All I can say is that it went well, it was great to be chatting about my work life. To be honest, the biggest sell was to myself, that this was me, and that if it was really something I wanted, I could do it. For that, I was proud of myself. We'll see.


I will be taking some family time over the next few days, so may not be posting as much. It's summer vacay, right? All this focus on career, work stuff in the past very intense couple of weeks, has made me appreciate my family and my flexibility with the kids right now, all the more.


Tooj said...

As it should...the appreciation thing that is. :) I love how you said "this was supposed to be a happy fragment"....made me laugh. I hope you get to meet everyone you wish at BlogHer next week. And I can't wait to hear the results of the interview. Happy Friday, and happy weekend.

Mrs4444 said...

Well, at least your sister enjoyed her birthday dinner. I'm sure your dad was there in spirit. :)

Nice job on the interview thing; you deserve that feeling of accomplishment.

And I am so excited to meet you, too! I can't believe you are flying all the way from Canada to Chicago (right? you live in Canada?) A little family time, and then a little YOU time. Nice. Email me if you want to exchange cell numbers for BlogHer.

Nap Warden said...

Good luck with the interview. Can't wait 'til Blogher!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Happy summer vacay, good luck with the job! and wow, that restaurant would've left me a little cranky as well-- I am a good tipper, I don't need to be tricked into it.


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