Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Type A much?

I contemplated accompanying hubs on his most recent trip for business. I initially jumped all over it because he actually asked if I wanted to go (the opportunity doesn't come that often because of all the work he's got to do, and he's not always comfortable with the optics. But I take my lead from him).

But with BlogHer coming up, and our family vacay ... and the fact that I didn't think the kids would appreciate spending the week doing workbooks at Grandma's (she runs a really tight curriculum, especially during summer holidays)... I thought better of it.

And the hubs is apparently relieved with my decision too.

I got the following message this morning, letting me know that after having to switch planes he finally got there:

"Arrived safely-waiting in a ridiculously long customs line.....its times like these I am glad you aren't here :) not bc I don't love you but I don't miss a play by play account on the delay..."

Know me much?


Cid said...

Still so jealous about you going to Blogher. Check out my last post, I made you a Queen!

Tooj said...

I'm with Cid. About the jealousy thing.
But back to your post....your husband sounds as smart as mine. And as bold, too. Is that a good thing for us? I don't know. Glad to hear he arrived safely.

Cheryl said...

That's hilarious!
Can I send Cole to your moms? My mom is so lenient, NOTHING is done in summer besides play, eat, play sleep

Cheryl said...

That's hilarious!
Can I send Cole to your moms? My mom is so lenient, NOTHING is done in summer besides play, eat, play sleep

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