Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lessons learned after Day 3 on the job

  • Pantyhose and velcro on the 4 year old's shoes do not get along;

  • Neither do bunions and stilettos (when did the bunions happen, I do not know);

  • When running out of things to discuss with people you first meet, poop and diaper changing can still come to the rescue;

  • Having a supportive partner who takes the day off to play Mr. Mom on your first day back to work makes all the difference in the world; especially when one of the kids gets an upset stomach at school;

  • Don't think you're out of the woods just because she's been in daycare for over a week: "I don't want to go to daycare" wimpers from her as she boarded the bus; and tears from me on the drive to the office - not the first and not the last.

I'm running my first meeting tomorrow. Any good icebreakers?

(gorgeous photo from stock exchange)

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Huckdoll said...

Make-Your-Own-Name tag? jk I really have no clue.

Ahhh, yes. Pantyhose and velcro. It's all coming back now...

Good luck in your meeting tomorrow. It's Thursday already! I see a mojito or two with your name on it this weekend.

Cheryl said...

Just be yourself!! You will win anyone over!

I remember the daycare woes....can;t help it they want to be with you and hubby.....just means you are too much fun!!

Good luck, first week is almost under your belt!

Cid said...

Hope the meeting went well. Sorry you can't make the mini blogger get together. I'll order (and eat) a pain au chocolat just for you.

Heidi said...

Sounds like you are adjusting and the little one will be fine in daycare with new friends and things to keep her busy.
Make them laugh at the meeting to lighten things up? Only advice I can think of.

Tooj said...

I am fairly certain any of my icebreaker ideas wouldn't be professional enough. I'd sit, throw up my feet, and chat some football or something ridiculous. The tears will subside....and you will continue having some good, solid grown-up me time. Enjoy it. Happy Thursday!

J at said...

Congratulations on going back to work, and I'm glad that you're settling in. Sorry the girl is having a hard time with it. I hate that. Maya used to throw up when it was time to go to school. And she loved school. Sigh.

louann said...

I've been out of the blogsphere for so long. I hope everything is going well for you!


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