Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Fragments:

Friday Fragments?

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Has it been a week already? It has just flown by, and as I sit here blogging (while the kids watch cartoons and we wait for the dinner which is coming home with the man), I can't help but think about what I was doing last year around this time. Life was so, so different. My blog post on October 1, 2008 was about work, though, ironically enough, I mentioned work clothes and heels as a novelty, something which has now become standard issue daily uniform. I also wrote about pole dancing, and certain types of footwear, both of which I never got around to.

I did make some significant additions to my shoe collection (much to the chagrin of the man)...but then again, I never said that some additional income wouldn't go toward shoes. Fashion Friday footwear edition is in the works.

So, my fragments for this week? Where do we begin...

How about finding out on day 8 on the job that there are going to be changes, big ones. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that even though I'm still in my "know nothing" mode, I do know this. I am stressed and I haven't even started REALLY working yet.


Well, I gotta go with the flow. And it's not the first time this has happened to me, organizational change. If anything, that was what I sold myself with, my ability to handle change, even citing the fact that I still managed to keep on track and keep the work and department workflow on target...but not even 2 weeks into the job? I guess I sold myself a bit too well. I must stop doing that.

At any rate, I'm hopeful that all will still be good.


This was the week that we started the extracurricular activities. Last night was tough, as the girlie had swimming lessons at 6:15 , and it was curriculum night at school. With me getting off at 5:30, I was really stressed about it all working out. I gave the responsibility of the school meeting to the man, so I asked that he get home at 6, feed the boy at home while I brought the girlie to her lessons, that I'd come home by 7 and he could take off to the school. I got home at 7 as I'd planned so that he wouldn't be late to school, and found out that the man had fallen asleep, the boy was on the computer and hadn't had anything to eat yet (although the noodles were being made on stove).

Hubs has just been exhausted, still recovering from weeks of continuous travel - he told me he even almost fell asleep at a red light on the way home - but I still felt the compulsion to be inwardly bitchy and totally pissed off. I guess the adjustment to "my" new life is having major ripple effects on the rest of the family, and to be honest, this was the first time that I wondered whether HE could handle this change. Is HE going to be able to deal with them (the kids, the activities, the meals) when I travel for work?



His saving grace - he's bringing home dinner tonight so I don't have to cook. Hence, I am blogging. He will be bringing wine home as well. Yippee.


The boy developed some major coughing and sneezing last night. I know he's had allergies, but it seemed like a full-blown cold developed as soon as I asked him to get off the computer and do his reading homework. So I sent him to bed right away, hoping that it wouldn't get worse because the optics would not be good to be off of work so soon on Day 10.

He woke up still sniffly this morning, but in pretty good spirits, no fever in sight, and went off to school just fine. However, he called me at 2:10 PM to tell me he wasn't feeling well and needed to be picked up from school. Guess what time I get off on Fridays so I can do my errands for the week? 2 PM. There went the errands.

We got home, he got into bed with his DS and felt miraculously better within half an hour. Gahhhhh!!!!!

But you know what? Instead of running around with my head cut off getting groceries, jumping from store to store picking up this, that and the other thing, I spent a couple of hours with the kids, playing with my daughter with her Pixel-toy, popping popcorn and drinking hot chocolate while watching Judge Judy with my boy (wha?? ... I know, totally inappropriate, I can't stand Judge Judy and never watch it, but it was on while we were flipping, so I guess between that and watching actors playing tonsil-hockey on my fave soap which I haven't watched in about 20 years, Judy was the lesser of two evils)...I'm rambling again...

But long story short?

I had a great couple hours with my kids.

So I'm a little glad that the boy called "sick". But I told him to keep these calls strategically timed to after 2 PM on Fridays from now on. We all needed this little break after a couple of crazy weeks.


Oh, I just saw Clive Owen interviewed on the Hour
"The Boys Are Back" Screening - 2009 Toronto International Film Festival
...and I'm now salivating.


Here's some Bowie for your weekend. Have a good one.

*I come from a very long line of "sighers", having mastered the art of the incredibly melodramatic and overdrawn sigh in reality as well as in written word.


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I am pretty good at sighing too Karen, sometimes life just calls for it. Spending the afternoon with your kids sounds much more fun than doing errands. Too bad there wasn't an errand fairy to take care of them for you :)

And I am waiting for the footwear friday post! I am all about the shoes these days. Okay, okay, I've always been all about the shoes.

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

Happy 1 year blogiversary!

You made me laugh-out-loud when you said that you are now salivating. Too funny!

Thanks for the video. Bowie rocks!

Kori said...

It seems like I always say the same thing lately about transitions and you will be fine and blah blah blah, so I will just say that I hope he brouhgt home something especially yummy and that I have faith in both of you.

Badness Jones said...

I can't wait to see the shoe post, and I'm sure that the bumps in your new road will smooth out soon. Takeout is a wonderful thing.

She Became A Butterfly said...

love the way you write!! i'm glad i found your site tonight on sitsa's! i'll be sure to stop by more often!!


Date Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that you're not ashamed to admit that you enjoy wine. I feel like there are some mommy bloggers out there that have to paint this picture of themselves as being mommies as an entity. I think it's possible to still retain a bit of yourself after kids. It sounds like you're on that path.

It's so nice that your Hubs brought home food. When you have a long stressful week, isn't it nice to know that for once someone is taking care of you?

I'll definitely be stopping by your blog again soon. Hope you get to relax this weekend!

Kim said...

Oh... I love a good shoe post!! Especially because I just bought like five new pairs in the past two weeks to upgrade my very out of date shoes!!

I laugh out loud with how quickly they get better sometimes..hahaha.. but spending time with the kiddos sounded like fun.. :)

Unknown Mami said...

I love David Bowie!

Even though things may be tough at work, I know you are looking fantastic in all those new outfits.

Rose DesRochers said...

Nothing like spending some quality time with the kids after a stressful week.

louann said...

Sighing can be good you know. It'll in the long run, make you appreciate your "non sighing" moments.

4 Lettre Words said...

Glad you had some quality time with the kids!

We have allergies here, and recently, they've been extra bad.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Tooj said...

It sounds like the adjustment is big for the whole family, but give it another 3-4 weeks, and it'll all feel like old hat. :) I think 6 weeks is THE adjustment period needed for anything's why they give you that amount of time REQUIRED off to have a baby! Keep buying shoes until you feel totally comfortable, though. To ease the pain, of course.

Mrs4444 said...

Working outside the home is tough, I know. I imagine when you're not used to it, it's even tougher. I'm glad you had some downtime.

Enjoy those shoes... :)

Momisodes said...

I'm so glad you were able to steal some quality time with the kids. I'm sure it's still rough trying to juggle it all right now with work and home. I can only imagine.

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