Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Fragments - What, second day in a row?

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments - please visit my friend, the lovely lady Mrs.4444. And freewriting Sara at Ordinary & Awesome:

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Well look at this, the actual opportunity to blog again in 24 hours!

Too bad I had computer problems and couldn't publish until too late. Oh well, carry on...

Compliment of the Day:

I'd just got home from the dentist, and gave my husband a smile from ear-to-ear, saying,'How do they look?"

The hubs: "Wow, they look so white, they're so big they look FAKE!"

Nice. Nothing sweeter than having your husband tell you that you look like you're wearing dentures.


Irony of the day:

After surviving a visit at the dentist for not one, two but all three of us, the hygenist who cleaned the kids teeth pulled me aside to tell me this:

"I am not one to BS, and I've seen many, many kids in this dental setting and I've got to say, your kids are the beyond the best behaved kids I have ever seen. I think it's a testament to the parents, and I had to tell you that."

See me beaming?

See me five minutes later as I'm struggling with all their dental paraphernalia, my purse, the girlie's stuffed penguin, and my cellphone at the New York Fries counter after hearing them whine about hunger and thirst. See my kids screaming at each other while we wait for the order, as the boy pulls on the girlie's balloon from the dental office, and then the girl shrieking as the string was pulled so hard that the balloon came off and the remaining string was cutting off her circulation at the wrist.

See me looking desperately for something to loosen the offending wire trap on the girlie's arm. See a kind stranger next to me in line who pulls out his keys, gently holds the girlie's wrist and releases her from the pain.

Best behaved kids ever. Hah!

See me seething.


I've been having issues with my work computer almost since I started the job. Turns out everyone who occupied my office previously also had problems. They checked all the cables and hard wiring before I joined and weren't expecting any issues again. I was starting to think my office was haunted. I was also having trouble connecting remotely from home. Couldn't access while there; couldn't access while away. Complex, anyone?

Turns out the newest cable they provided me was missing one of those plastic tabs that holds it in place. So everytime I moved my feet or shifted, I would pop out of the network. There's nothing like being kicked out of the network more than 20 times a day to frustrate you beyond belief.

And I finally got my wireless issue cleared up. Turns out we had the wrong passcode- it was case sensitive, but whoever gave us the password wrote the code in the wrong case. Nice, eh?

Router access = remote access = work from home possible.

And that is a very good thing.


Quote of the day:

In response to her big brother quoting her some rules of the household:

"Hey, I don't need a THIRD parent!


Wishing all my Canadian friends a very happy Thanksgiving long weekend with your loved ones.


Tara R. said...

I love the quote of the day. It could be said in my house too, except the ages are reversed. I tell my daughter, often, that 'I'm the mommy.'

Holly said...

Haha, very nice quote!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the split personality of kids....

HeatherY said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! The best part about blogging is finding those who are dealing with the same thing!

J at said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Congratulations on having such fabulous teeth. I had a weird compliment last my hair done, and the woman told me I had the hair of a 20 year old. What? She said it's just very healthy hair. That's good, because if your teeth look fake, mine look very real.

OHmommy said...

I hate case sensitive passwords. That is all. When I was in LA I wasn;t able to skype with my family at bedtime. Grrrrr..... stoooopid passwords.

Mrs4444 said...

Yea on the well-behaved kids in the dentist office, and yea again for the person telling you that. Hungry kids are hungry kids; what can ya do?! (well, besides feed them, I guess. haha)

Have a great rest-of-your weekend :)

Sara Elizabeth Bonds said...

Oh my gosh, your husband sounds like a hoot!

That is awesome that you and your kiddos got such a great compliment at the dentist office!

Huckdoll said...

that dentist office vs. mall scene is so my life with the kids! it feels good to get the compliments though especially from people who work with the public all day long :)

happy thanksgiving to you and yours; we're onto dinner #2 tonight!

Kaylen said...

I love it when I hear unsolicited comments about my parenting skills! I try hard to give them to others when I can, when it's genuine. Spread the love! :)

There is nothing better than working from home!!! I get to do so once a week and it's the greatest day of my work week!! And my day is Wednesday, so it breaks up the week perfectly.

C said...

LOL! The dentures part had me laughing so hard, I was in tears! Happy Thanksgiving, girlfriend! xo

Kim said...

Oh Karen..I giggled out loud on the denture comment.. bahahaha.

Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

The quote is too funny. We have a similar one in my to my 5YO bossyboots: "Boo, your brother has a mother...and it's not you."

imaginary binky said...

Hahaha... dentures. Hey, at least he didn't say it looks you have a grill in there. A little bling bling, anyone?


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