Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Footwear Fragments

Well, hello Day 6 - NaBloPoMo-ing along here.

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fragments - please visit my friend, the lovely lady Mrs.4444.

Hubby got up at 5:00 AM this morning for a flight - so what's a girl to do - go back to bed?

No, she must take pictures of her shoes. And then post them. A nutcase, for sure.

As promised, an overview of the latest additions to the foot wardrobe...

Sexy librarian/habberdashery:

Gray's the new black
Too taupe to handle (I know, corny, but it's early)
Pretty bowed
Remember these shooties from last year? I'm still wearing them even though the combination of not 100% knee and bunion is killing me. But they are killer, aren't they?

My Dorothy shoes... taking it home...


The school sent my boy home on Wednesday, his first day back, for a cough. I was in a meeting, and the boy was "quarantined" in the office until the hubs picked him up. We were pretty ticked, though. Granted, the boy had been off sick for a couple days previous, but he'd been home, had a full course of treatment, and had no fever. He's got allergies and refuses to take medicine, and this is what happens. Grrrr!!!

We sent him back the next day, with a note outlining that very fact. Funny, he'd been in class all day but they kicked him out at 2 PM. What was the difference between 2 and 3:30 PM. I understand that it was protocol, but annoying nonetheless. And my boy felt like a pariah.


Is there anyone else out there as old as I am who remembers the original "V" miniseries? I LOVED it, watched it religiously, as mad as I am about Mad Men today. So I was naturally excited but a bit skeptical about the ability of the new series to capture my mad passion.

Not anymore. Whoa, have you seen the first episode? Sexy aliens (and Scott Wolf, ABC TV TCA Aug 09 Party

but who's looking?). I am officially hooked, and conflicted, as it's on at the same time as So you think you can dance AND my Bodyjam class.


Oh my crap, I've got to post over the weekend too. Forgot about that! Catch you then.


Cat said...

Sucks they treated your son like that.

I have the first episode fo V recorded... now I'll have to watch it!

won said...

I am not into shoes, but I loved the first pair you showed. Those are cute!

Kat said...

I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!! I want them ALL!!!!

Dina said...

i love the shoes too!! i usually end up wearing one of two pairs i own- either my Sketchers or my ballet flats...give me some shoe lessons!!

That really sucks they sent L home- hope he's feeling better now!

Cherry said...

Those Sexy Librarians are hot! I can't do heels regularly though but I am always checking out people's cute shoes.

I KNEW there was something on TV before called V. I was just asking my husband if he remembered it and he didn't. Ha! Now I know I'm not totally crazy.
I didn't catch it though because Tivo was already recording 2 other shows. Oh well.

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

I have shoe envy, though my feet are quite happy they haven't seen the inside of some of those! I love when you post pics of your warerobe by the way, keep it up:)

And grr on the school. Everyone is in such a flap over this H1N1 thing. It's ridiculous. But on the other hand, maybe it will make him takes his meds? ;)

Huckdoll said...

First, I had to laugh at your last line there about posting over the weekend. It was a strange realization for myself as well, lol.

I love the shoes and find it hilarious you up early taking pics of them - that deserves some kind of dedication award :)

And I used to hate when I got called at work to pick up a sick kiddo from daycare and they'd have her quarantined in a special room for the hour it took me to get to her :( I'm glad those days are over for now!

Eve said...

Great shoes!! I loved taking a peek at your shoe wardrobe! :)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...


OMG they are adorable.

mub said...

I don't -do- high heeled shoes, but those first ones are fantastic!

I think it'd be one thing if they sent your kid home at 10 in the morning, but at 2? REALLY PEOPLE!!!

Mrs4444 said...

That guy (sorry-I don't watch the show) is a combination of Tom Cruz and Michael J. Fox, doncha think?

Those are quite the shoes! I had a bunionectomy many years ago, and I will not be caught dead in heels like that except maybe once or twice a year, and I pay for it the next day. All of that said, the sexy librarians are my favorite.


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