Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordful Metric Love

At the restaurant, after a pint of Italian beer at the other restaurant...
At the concert, after an additional half bottle of red wine...

I do not get out much.

Music plays a big part of my relationship with my husband. When we began dating, we didn't seem to have a whole lot in common on the surface. Other than the fact that we found each other outrageously attractive. Ahem. 80's hair and hormones. Enough said. However, at the basic root of connectedness was our taste in music. Which I discovered after he made me the first of many "Mixed Tapes". (For my younger readers, tapes were what succeeded records - wha??? - and preceded CD's - yeah, and CD's preceded mp3 downloads, I know, I know).

David Sylvian, The Cure, and Duran Duran, all in one spot? I was hooked.

So over the years, we've attended several concerts, and it has become our couple thing. Since the arrival of my daughter, I've blogged accounts of our date nights with Duran Duran, Feist, John Mayer and Rush. To say that our taste in music is eclectic is an understatement.

In April, when we found out about the upcoming Metric concert, the man said, "Why don't we go?"And after thinking about it for half a second, I replied, "Of course!" I first heard of Metric back in 2004. They were edgy, new, indie, alt, kool... all those things. I wanted to be Emily Haines.

Not only is Metric oh so cool, little did I know that they are the BEST LIVE BAND EVER. And now they're on the cusp of something huge. Their latest gig? Eclipse, the movie. Yeah, THAT Eclipse. As I said, something huge.

I actually have my own video of them that night, that the man took during the concert. However, I was loudly hooting and hollering and dancing and flailing around so much - it was embarassing - mostly to my husband. (As I age, and as I blog, there is less and less that I am embarassed about.) Even when the girl behind me grabbed me by the shoulders for a simultaneous pogo to "Gimme Sympathy", I obliged.

The evening ended with an acoustic version of one of their 'classics'

My new nickname these days? Just call me: Combat baby.

(upcoming in August ... if I had 500 spare bucks, we'd probably be able to swing Green Day. Too bad I don't - boo hoo...)

PS: just found out they taped the Tonight Show for later, well, tonight. Check them out if you can!


Knatolee said...

I love Metric! And you look fabulous!

Tooje said...

I love hearing stories about you and your hubby out on the town. It'll be great when I get to re-meet my hubs. (Read: Kids stop using me as a feeding tube, in all forms.) I hope life is continuing to treat you well and that you are enjoying work as much as you were nervous about joining it. :)

Happy Thursday!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

You wild and crazy girl! I love it, keep on rocking girlfriend!

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

How awesome - at first I thought your post title was in reference to being Canadian and using the metric system, but happy to see you were talking about the BAND. (I'm sucha geek - I know!)

J at said...

Yay! Sounds like you guys had a great time. I love Metric also. :)

Ted used to make me awesome mix-tapes. Little did I know, when I was listening to them and trying to decipher the deeper meaning behind the lyrics to the songs he had chosen, that he was much more of a DJ, and working with "What song would follow this one really well?" Ha on me. :)

Anonymous said...

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petite gourmand said...

I love metric- and am dying to go to a live show.
lucky you.
sounds like you're making the most of summer.
good for you!

Anonymous said...

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Huckdoll said...

Oh geez, your anon comment are hilarious.

Love, love, love Metric. They played an outdoor concert in Stanley Park a few months back. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

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