Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly Winners - Halloween-ish

Adding to my excuses for the lack of posting recently:

1/ The camera was "lost" while I was away on business. I came home wanting to take pics and to rectify this, purchased myself a new one for me, myself and I (for my birthday week, of course).

The Man found the other camera in his backpack about an hour after I came home with my new toy, of course. Mansearch at its best.

2/ I've been fighting for my laptop time. Busy people with busy Webkinz to tend to keep getting in my way...

"Busy people" are just lucky that they're pretty darn cute. We're happy as long as these remain extensions of the removable kind.

And I cheat here, a bit. I didn't take these, but had to share.

GaGa by day, stomping out spiders with killer heels...

GaGa by night, partying it up with Andy...

( I was apparently yelling my age at everyone last night - gin and tonics are as good as lie detectors, I suppose!)

A happy and safe Halloween to you all tonight!

(And make sure to check out Lotus' gallery of gifted winners)


Mrs4444 said...

Anybody who stomps out spiders is alright by me! Have fun tonight :)

And good score on the camera!!! :)

Tara R. said...

GaGa never looked so good!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

You beat GaGa in the hot department, hands down!

(why did that sound dirty?)

you should be shouting your age, there are few your age who look that good!


Jen said...

gaga huh? lol, I was gonna be her and didn't do it!

Huckdoll said...

You totally rocked the Lady Gaga!

Cid said...

So glad to see how cool mid life truly is. hope you didn't freeze your Gaga Tatas off last night!

Maggie said...

Cute shots. Love the Lady Gaga look on you. :)


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