Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fragments - Simple Things

Mommy's Idea

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Well that was certainly cathartic.

The boy's face is fine. He's all smiles again, with a bit of a shiner and a story to share.

Today is another day. Let's celebrate the simple things.


I noticed something the other day. Something quite wonderful.

My daughter doesn't just walk. She skips - everywhere.

Oh, the pure joy of being a happy 5-year old little girl.


Speaking of stories, the one thing that I look forward to when my husband comes home from his work trips, (other than seeing him, of course) is the colourful tales he has to share about his adventures.

After boarding his flight last Friday, and getting settled into his seat, he noticed this odour in the cabin. The odour of someone who'd had beans or something unsettling for breakfast, apparently. The passenger in front of him turned to his wife and made a grimace that showed his displeasure of the stink as well. My husband just tucked his nose subtly into his elbow as his defense mechanism.

You would think that would be the end of it, after all, one expects some level of dissipation at some point.

However, throughout the rest of the flight, the smell was relentless. The wife of the passenger in front even took out a small spray bottle of perfume/deodorizer and gave it a couple of pumps. My husband kept his elbow close.

After the plane landed, the pilot announced: "Welcome to lovely Chicago, folks"...

and the fellow in front of my husband piped in "... and whoever has been shitting their pants the whole flight, let's have another just for good measure."

My husband could barely contain the guffaws. Even while telling me the story.


Colourful number 2:...

After the man had settled into his hotel, he headed over to the convention centre to check things out. He looked to his phone, to see if there were any messages any of his colleagues. On his Blackberry screen he saw a trail from one of the guys from his office, and decided to continue the text conversation (in blue below):

Hi, you all settled in?


So do you want to meet for dinner?

Actually, I'm meeting some friends for dinner later on.

So do you want to meet for a drink before, maybe?

No, I'm running a bit short on time.

And then he noticed this colleague way over on the other side of the auditorium...

Hey, I see you over there, don't want to shout across the room...

No, you don't see me.

Yes, I do.

I'm in my workout gear in the gym at the hotel.

No, you're not. Is this Mike?

No, this is Jane.

JANE, his FEMALE colleague from the U.S. office.

Oh my frickin' gawd. She probably thought this guy was going middle-aged conference crazy. My man, he's smooth, isn't he?


The girlie promptly had a tea party with her Daddy last night, just before bed. And she brought it over and shared it with me as well.

I don't really play with my kids. I just realized this - I shop for them, I feed them, I bathe and I clothe them, I talk with them... but I don't play with them a heck of a lot.

But my husband does.

So I've resolved that I need to make the time to play.

Simple things. Wonderful things.

Let's play.


LunaNik said...

That airplane story is hysterical! I love that someone called him (or her) out on it...ha! As for playing with the kiddos...I don't do much of that either. Neither does my Hubs. The beauty of having so many kids, so close together is that they are sooo busy playing with each other that they forget all about playing with mommy and daddy.

Cid said...

I know what you mean about not playing with the kids but mine booted it out of the house so fast this morning (being a PD Day no one slept in, of course) I didn't even have a chance to ask what they were doing but we have rented the ice at our local arena this afternoon for them and their friends to play a little shinny and don't for a second think that I'm not going to be right out there with them -figure skates and all!

Jen said...

today is another day...

let's celebrate the little things. perfect!


Unknown Mami said...

I think it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you skip. Even if you start off in a bad mood it will go away. People should do skipping marathons.

Kirby3131 said...

I remember when skipping was how I walked. That's fun. You had a bunch of great frags!

Kristin - The Goat

Doreen McGettigan said...

I almost split my gall bladder steri- strips on that airplane story..ouch but oh so funny.
I did not play much with my kids either..funny they remember me playing more than I did but I definitely play with my grand kids.
I still remember when skipping was fun!
Have a great week!

Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Oh my word, I am guffawing out loud over here too, that text story is awesome and totally something I would do! Good htink I work from home - the boss might have caught on to my read blogs while I download things :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

That text story is hilarious! It must be that time of year because just last night I was thinking how I don't actually play either. I don't want to look back with regrets, but by the time you meet everyone's needs (and they need clean clothes and healthy food), it's bed time. Your resolution has sparked something for me-- thank you!


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