Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A syrupy birthday post after all

"So how much is Barbie blown?" asked the harried Mom, before uttering "oh that sounded good" under her breath.

Replied the balloon lady, "Well, I wasn't going there, but since you did... she's $4.99. She's real cheap."

I was thinking about doing a gooey, sappy, happy birthday post for my little Diva, who turns six years old tomorrow. The thing is, I'm not exactly a sappy, gooey person in real life. Sure, I may come across that way sometimes on this blog - I've certainly posted some drippy, syrupy words around these parts.

The reality is that my girlie's behaviour isn't always the most deserving of the accolades that I wish I could shower on her everyday. She is still fully capable of the "meltdown in public places stunt", which she exhibited in full force a couple of weeks ago at Party Packagers while shopping with me for loot bags. We had already made a deal that this was still going to be about her - after all, these would be for her friends at her upcoming birthday party.

Upon entry into party junk mecca, reason, however, flew out the window. After I refused to buy her her 1 millionth stuffed Ty doggie, she unleashed an epic tantrum that had her snotty and gasping for breath. Even the promise of a free balloon from the store manager on the condition that she stop crying, did nothing to deter her. The Diva tossed her coat on the floor at the cash - the cashier looked at me with pity in her eyes. I dragged the screaming, bawling 5 year old sans coat into the winter night, to pick her brother up from soccer practice with no minutes to spare. A party time was had by all.

I lectured her in the van about what happens to little girls when they misbehave in the party store - that all they end up with is a 'BIG FAT ZERO".

That, my friends, is reality.

But then a few days later, driving in the van to a playdate with her best friend, chatty Diva brings up that same exact conversation.

"Mommy, I told Anna the joke you told me after Party packagers, when you were so angry with me."

I held my breath.

"I told her that my mommy made me laugh, when she said that all I got for bad behaviour was a BIG FAT ZERO!!!!! You're so funny Mommy, there's no such thing as big fat zero! Anna thinks you're a funny mommy too!"



On the eve of her 6th birthday, my little one is currently lying here next to me, dealing with a crappy cold that hit her yesterday and caused her left eye to swell like she went a couple of rounds with Jaden Smith in the Karate Kid (she totally could have taken him, actually). She's coughy and snotty for a different reason this time, and likely feeling stuffed beyond her toy bears. But she's not complaining. She wants to build the gingerbread house, and watch me make ginger crackles later - the operative word is "watch" because she doesn't want anyone else to get sick. She wants to help me wrap the presents. She's got Christmas spirit and then some.

She is a real trooper, this one. She's tough, she knows what she wants, and she lets people know it. All while being as sweet as her sweet tooth gauges her to be. She can be a pain to her brother, but then criticize me when I tell him to be more assertive on the soccer field (Mommy, he's trying his BEST!). She's got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

She still climbs up on my lap for spontaneous snuggles. Especially after she's been bratty.

And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Guppy!


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

Oh Karen, I think you did your sappy gooey post anyway. I love this because it tells the WHOLE story. None of our kids are as fabulous and perfect as we make them out to be in their birthday posts.

Happy Birthday to you G!!!

Tara R. said...

Hope you LIttle MIss is feeling better for her birthday. Six! Wow... when did she get so big?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Diva. I hope she feels better soon!

Six was a fun year for Boo. She grew up so much this year and became so much more independent. Have no fear, you'll still have your hands full!

BusyMamma said...

You managed her tantrum well. My question is, how do you manage a tantrum of epic magnitude when it's not your kid throwing the biggest hissy fit you've ever seen in your entire life??? Took my husband's neice to a skating show today with my DS and when we refused to buy her a toy (which was $22 BTW) she started crying and screaming like a lunatic (she'll be 6 soon!) It was an hour getting her to the subway-dragging her by the wrists and eventually just picking her up kicking and screaming! My son was in shock as was I!!! After reporting the episode we learned this is not the first time this behaviour has been displayed!!!

Tooje said...


These little 5/6 year olds have a tough stage to get through. I didn't realize until I looked in my little guy's eyes and realized that he was trying to understand what was happening and why I was doing whatever I was doing...but he just couldn't. And frankly didn't want to. He wasn't emotionally ready to "get it" and was too tired to try.

Life is a rough day to day process, no matter what your responsibility level is. And that's okay. :)

I hope she had a terrific birthday despite the cold.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

I love this post, and I love the reality of it all. Nicely done. And happy (belated) birthday to your little guppy. :)

Heidi said...

Ha! Big fat Zero!That's funny that she used it as a joke to her friend. See how seriously they take us! I hope she felt better for her party. Happy Holidays! Late!


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