Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fragments "I'm Back" edition

Mommy's Idea

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***I've got a few more posts coming regarding my NYC trip, but in the mean time here we are with some fragments.

I haven't done this in a loooong time, so glad to be back. I didn't realize how much I had missed blogging - looking back at previous posts over the holidays I realized that this space is where I've described so many amazing things about my life, my family, everything around me - things that made me laugh, cry, and think. Blogging doesn't seem to be the "it" thing to do anymore [(not sure that it ever was ;), but yeah, since you're reading this you know that we're still the cool kids, however old school this may be...]. It's incredible to me, though that I've been doing this for over 6 years now, and a lot of what has happened and changed is captured right here. And I really missed my bloggy friends.

***My husband bought me a Kobo Touch for Christmas. Well, more like I bought it as I couldn't decide what I wanted before hand- thought about Kindle Fire while in the US, but it's not available yet in Canada, and I worried about support, and access to the ebooks etc...So I stayed Canadian.

Since I'm now in a book club and reading things outside of work, it seemed like a good idea. So now I'm pumped with my Kobo and hot pink book cover - and at a loss for what to read! I have the "Virgin Cure" by Amy McKay sitting on my bedside table but I'm looking for something a bit more uplifting at the moment. Any suggestions?

***** The girlie tried gymnastics camp over the summer and I think she's discovered her passion. I can't believe the strength in that petite little body of hers - especially her pipes! With her little toothpick arms she works those bars incredibly. She's asked (and been asked by the gym teacher) to be moved up a level. I'm not sure if she's good enough for competition, but I guess we'll see.

Between her and her brother's intense soccer schedule, it may just do us in. But when you're a parent you can't not explore when your kids show such a keen interest. Regardless of how much stress it will add to our daily lives - that's what I signed up for when we had the kids, isn't it?

***** It's Chinese New year weekend coming up. We're getting together with my Mom and brother (sister will be away) on Sunday, New Year's Eve, for a family lunch. I'd forgotten that the 22nd will also be the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's passing.

Three years. That went by fast. I still "see" him sometimes whenever I see a fellow with a Kangol cap on. Dad, you were so cool.

***** I was driving the boy to his soccer game last Saturday and forcing him to talk to me - (backgrounder - apparently he doesn't talk much to his Dad in the car, and Ian asked me whether he's the same with me. To which the boy replied: "I always talk to Mom in the car, Dad. She FORCES me to, bullies me with questions so I have to answer back!" Hey, no apologies for trying to keep in the loop with my kid).

So back to the car. I was talking a bit about my week because the boy wasn't sharing too much about his. Then I started talking about my Dad and all that he accomplished in his life, how proud I was of my Dad after I found out what he did, and how proud he should be of his Grandpa (and how proud Grandpa would be of him). Yadadadada. While I was chattering away, trying to engage the boy, he cut through it all and said,
"Mom, can we just stop talking? This work stuff is just BORING!"

Can't blame him. The boy is just 11 years old, and coaching him as if he's a first year MBA student. Good job, Mom.

Have a great weekend, all.

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