Friday, January 13, 2012

Inner Dookie-ness

We interrupt this trip report for an important news bulletin - I must share a couple items from my bucket list.

I need to see a) the Foo Fighters. And b) Green Day. And hopefully sometime before I'm overly geriatric.

The following, although not exactly a reasonable facsimile of achieving (b) , will have to do for now:

Although we missed the opportunity to see this on Broadway, we were lucky enough for Broadway to come to us on Tuesday night.

Here's a taste:

The notes weren't always hit bang on, the music should have been waaaay louder to give Green Day's music justice (oh, I know, you can't replicate stadium in live theatre)...

But the energy was super high, I was exhausted just watching the dancing, and a great time was had by all - which is a big thing because the hubs, as you know, is not the musical type of guy. And big bonus - major eye candy for me. Nothing like seeing nicely cut young men on stage in their skivvies. Yes, the idiots were cute. A couple were even Canadian idiots. My husband had to hold me down.

You're probably curious about the cross-section of people who attended. It was indeed quite a mixed bag- some regular theatre go-ers of my mom's demographic who were likely passing the smelling salts around during the F bombs and middle-finger gestures flying about the stage. And then there were the families, some with kids not much older than my own, which got me thinking - WTF??? Do these parents not know the lyrics, the subject matter, do they not get that there might possibly be iv drug use, and maybe sex on stage, simulated though it was???.. and then there were parents who were happy to be away on a mid-week date night, still trying to hang on to their cool - sigh... guilty as charged.

The audience seemed not to be into it at all. Is it just me, or does "Holiday" not just naturally inspire uncontrollable head bopping? None of this was in evidence that evening. Just weird. I felt somewhat stifled, and even looked toward the front for some moshpit that I might possibly fade into so I could rock it out in fair anonymity. Too bad one didn't exist.

The only indication that it was a hit was at the end - standing ovations galore - and well deserved too. Finally, some energy in the audience.

A 90 minute non-stop, visual and auditory onslaught of the best kind. See it if you can.

And now for something to remind us that we're all getting a little older: "Classic" Green Day...


Tooje said...

Although I am not too musically inclined or interested myself, like said hubby, I totally appreciate your mommy coolness and look for my own way to express some cool. Keep rockin' woman!

Tara R. said...

This sounds like a really fun evening.


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