Sunday, February 19, 2012

There's always time for a pint...or three

Here we are in February and I still owe you a couple more posts about NYC.

I got sidetracked by a sojourn in the land of rain, sheep, more rain and green landscapes, where delicious deep, dark brew floweth.

There's nothing like a Guinness poured in the land of Guinness...

Breweries and all things brewing hold a very special place in my heart, for the brewing industry is where I found the man I would eventually marry (awwwww, so saccharine, I know, but really, it is where it all started...).

Seriously, though, if you ever get to Dublin, you must visit the Guinness storehouse. It is quite the experience.

This was my second trip to Dublin since September and this time I caught up with an old friend. Don't know if I've ever mentioned that a high school pal of mine has lived in Bermuda for about 20 years. And despite many conversations during which I discussed that I woulda, shoulda, coulda stayed with him and his family while he was a bonafide Bermudian resident you think that I ever made it there?


But I did hook up with him in cold, wet, rainy Dublin where he relocated about a year ago. Oh well, it's the friendship that counts, right? It still amazes me sometimes these bonds that we have in life, and some relationships that last so long despite where life takes us. I can still see us bopping around to Rick James' Superfreak during our suburban high school dances (which was so heavily sampled in MC Hammer's "Can't Touch this", that I can't even remember which came first sometimes). And here we were, having coffee in Dublin, talking about kids, widowed mothers, company downsizes and job changes. We didn't realize it at the time, but life was really quite simple when we were teenagers. Where were we again?

Oh, yeah, Dublin.

Here are some shots of lovely Dublin doors...

Pretty Dublin garden...

Shopping Grafton street (and yes, I did buy a couple of cute outfits)

Not a lot of time to do much outside of work, but I always make time for shopping!

Hopefully if there is a next time for me to go again, it will be a wee bit warmer.


Update on recent obsessions:

1/ Downton Abbey. Love. Managed to watch all of Season 1 on the flight, 3 episodes there, 4 episodes back. Mary and Matthew ("Rachel and Ross" of Masterpiece theatre); Anna and Bates - the drama, the suspense! Season 2 doesn't start in Canada until April. Gaccckkk! Cannot. Wait.

2/ Fitness. Despite feeling a little silly, my latest gym obsession has gotten me pumped enough to purchase these...

Yes, indeed I went there. And my husband is now afraid, very afraid.

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