Wednesday, November 04, 2015


NaBloPoMo prompts for the last couple of days have been about jobs-what I thought was the coolest job as a kid, did I still think it was cool, if I wanted to be either of my parents' professions growing up answer to that 1) ballet dancer and 2)not even once did I want to follow mom or dad's path.

While I think ballet dancers are beautifully talented I know now that it is a rare thing to be able to make a decent living as a dancer, never mind all the physical challenges and need to consider changes as the body naturally ages. I was never good enough to think that it would ever be more than a hobby.  And as far as my parents, well Mom worked shifts early on and Dad had long hours as an engineer (meaning I didn't really know what he did) -neither was attractive to me. Nurses are so highly undervalued.

Funny thing now when my kids ask me what I do, after a couple of minutes telling them,  both either yawn or look at me quizzically and ask me to explain again later.  It is complicated. And it can involve a fair bit of travel-which at this point either makes them a little sad (daughter) or excited for possibilities ( son) -the latter especially since we took the kids to California and Switzerland this past summer.

Interesting piece of insight-the boy prepared a great video for his school career course and apparently his dream job is to be a venture capitalist.   I didn't even think he knew what that was. If that works wouldn't that be sweet not just for him.  When asked how he would raise/make money to invest? Didn't know-just a minor detail.  My girl still wants to be a vet -or an artist or chef.  I am none of the above so I guess my kids would answer question 2 exactly as a I did.   More like me than I imagined.

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