Friday, November 27, 2015

Meal planning

So this is a thing for me now. Ugh.

If you came here looking for tips-gotcha! We're not there quite yet.  Getting through one week a a time, sometime one day at a time it feels like-is good enough for now.

I admit, having a nanny/housekeeper full time was mostly for me.  So the transition to part time  is also mostly about me.

And I'm coping somewhat-but mostly not, being tired and stressed most days.  I hear the violins ... I know I have been fortunate, but it has been key to getting us through the last few years, with work, work travel schedules, and dealing with mild anxiety with the girlie.

One nice thing is that the kids seem to prefer my cooking, which I will take -at least there is appreciation, as our nanny is an amazing cook.

Wait a minute -I miss that part too!

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J at said...

I used to be good at meal planning. I would come up with a menu for the week, do the shopping on Sunday, and have a week's worth of meals ready. The most difficult part was coming up with a week's worth of meels over and over again. I got tired of it. I work from home now, so I pretty much go to the grocerty store every day. I like it better this way, though perhaps I'll get tired of this method some time, and go back to my old ways of being organized.


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