Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday-they got each other

The G has been off school sick with a low grade fever since Monday. 

Last year was a tough year for her-with Grade 5 came drama, coupled with finally taking the plunge and having a long overdue tonsillectomy - anxiety became the norm. As did absences in the form of extra -long, long weekends when Mondays came around. She missed about 30 days of school last year-oof. 

 It took some patience, the school administration were actually quite good about it and assigned a counsellor.  Her case had been put on hold as she adjusted better at the end of the school year.

So we started the new school year we were encouraged as her attendance had been good. At least in September.

But once there was an inkling of a cough ... Well let's just say she has missed 7 days already, including this week. She was actually physically ok to go to school but she annoyingly wouldn't budge.

What do you do when you have to work? Well you cajole, you try to reason, then -you get pissed off and you ground her from play dates, both virtual and IRL when she decides she won't move. There are consequences after all. 

During this exchange, surprisingly, the teenager steps up and says he will make sure he's home early to be here for her. And he's also chiming in about how it's not so great to miss so much school and get behind in the learning.  He tells his sister he knows this firsthand. He is stepping it up big time as her big brother.  He assures us she indeed promises to go to school tomorrow.

He's got the magic sibling touch, you see. I hope it never changes.

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