Monday, August 15, 2016

The next chapter

As many a blogger out there, I'm a little conflicted. I go back and forth about shutting this down, and then rebreathing life into it again. I've tried to do this before.  I feel like the Who announcing a final farewell tour.  I just won't go away.

When I started this blog I was taking a break from a career and trying to embrace stay-at-home-ness with my two adorable kids, who provided wonderful blog fodder.  That was over a decade ago.  You can tell by the header.  Yeah, really that long ago.

While I was in the thick of it, not only did I manage to capture snapshots of a period in time that was beyond precious, I also explored the inner me. Not just events and photos but also my feelings and thoughts of daily life as it was for me.  And there were quite a few major life events.  The icing on the cake was the human interaction and connections made along the way.  Social media was just blossoming, and communication via blogging was beyond just a few characters.  I shared a lot, considering my introverted tendencies. The internets and my online friends helped me through the painful time of my father's passing, and gave me tremendous strength and confidence to go back into the outside working world again. Didn't quite anticipate where I might go -it was supposed to be baby steps.

After I got back on the career track I would only pop in here occasionally and I'll admit it, I missed it.  As my job got more busy, kids got older and more active, this blog gathered dust.  I still posted the odd time to share travel, and to brag a bit about my work travel through pictures (I admmit it-bragger!).  But with Facebook as a quicker outlet, I abandoned this place.

Things are mammothly  different today.  We have Twitter (can't believe I had an account set up so long ago!), Instagram which I was introduced to by my then 10 year old, and Snapchat -where I know hundreds of shots of me doing things awkwardly have been shared out to the world by my kids.  Karma bites. They are rockin' the social media stuff very well on their own these days.

And so there's me.  The inner me.  I'm again on a career break after going at things crazily for the last almost 7 years, the last 3 more often than not juggling time zones while hubs did the same, and dealing with high stress, leadership and people commitments, yadda, yadda and taking it out in spades on home life.  Work-life balance crashed.

I'm  taking this life back. Not retired just yet (although my daughter asked me that when I told her I decided to stay home for a bit -hah!). But focus to get the home life back on track, and to be honest, appreciate my life partner more for the great guy he is.

As I support my kids through their stages of tween and teenage-ness, I am reluctant to admit that at 50, I'm still not too sure of what I want to be when I grow up.  So I intend to explore and try to figure it out -and what better way to do that than via a blog?

I'm working on something. Will let you all know when ready for a reveal. Don't expect fancy -but I hope you'll look for me.

Catch you later.


J said...

Blogging sure has changed...I miss blogging, writing every day, visiting blogs every day, giving and receiving comments. Facebook is different, not as much of our internal life. Congratulations on your decision to take some time off for yourself and your family.

S said...

"As I support my kids through their stages of tween and teenage-ness, I am reluctant to admit that at 50, I'm still not too sure of what I want to be when I grow up." Yes. Me too! (Though I am a year younger than you, but still.)


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