Monday, May 09, 2005

Hooked on eBay

I'm addicted. Spending way too much time in front of the computer, looking for great deals over the internet. It all started with the search for the infamous "robeez" baby slippers. Expensive leather slippers for your infant - but they are soooo good for their feet, right? Yes, I've succumbed to their marketing ploys. But I must admit they are so very cute on my little one's toes. And so it began, and now I've been sucked into finding great bargains for baby accessories, clothes, and, because I'm feeling guilty, I've also been searching for clothes for my son as well (can't ignore baby number 1). I've started listing a few items to sell. I might get lucky and make my first sale this week. A whole $2 US, but hey, it's a beginning!

But of course, I haven't stopped the "live" shopping experience either. What's a mother with a newborn to do except stroll through the shopping malls. After all, it's great exercise, right? I must admit, with the running around I've been doing with both kids, the weight came off really quickly. I had blossomed an additional lovely 40 + lbs during my pregnancy and although I felt great (albeit very front-heavy) I've been told now that it looked almost abnormal. But that extra weight is gone now. The tough part is that although the weight is gone, things have "shifted" around a bit. I've got to crack down with some real exercise if I want to get back into my 2-piece bathing suits this summer. I should get working on those Pilates DVD's - I mean if Cindy Crawford can do it, why can't I ??

Life with G at 4.5 months, she's really starting to chat up a storm. She's enjoying music class, adoring her older brother and flirtly shamelessly with her father. She's starting to pull her head up when in her bouncer. Can't believe she's changing so quickly!

Life with L ... he's 5 years old now! Had his 5 year checkup today, and he bravely endurec two vaccinations. Can't believe my baby is growing up into a little man before my very eyes.

Life with hubby ... is still pretty good. He's taking up hockey - methinks the abs that I fell for all those years ago will make a re-appearance one of these days!

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