Saturday, January 06, 2007

Best Date ....

I took L to see "A Night at the Museum" this afternoon. Made me realize that I have rarely spent any time alone with him since G came along. We had such a great time - my heart just swells with love when I'm with him - he's such a great little boy. We had great laughs, we grabbed each other's hands during potentially tense moments. During a small fight scene he covered his eyes - it's so easy to forget that he's only 6 sometimes because of how mature he is in his conversation and outlook. When he does little things like that he's just my little baby boy again. It brings me back to the special Fridays that we used to have together. For almost 4 years it was just the two of us every Friday, my extra day off when I went back full time. It was so worth it - the special mommy and son moments. I hope he'll remember them as he grows older.

Watching the film also brought back memories of this time last year - what a wonderful trip we had as our new family unit of 4 in Manhattan. L recognized the museum and some of the scenes outside and in Central Park. I don't blame him for wanting to go back again. The weather there appears absolutely balmy right now as well (17 deg, I think?!). Maybe in the spring.

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Dina said...

hi karen,

that is so sweet, spending time with Liam alone is a great idea- he needs to know mommy thinks he is important too!
i hope when we have another baby Elie will still feel like mommy's special boy!!!
I LOVE the "then and now" pics you posted!


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