Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sexy Back

I love Tuesday evenings - it's my night at the "club". Fitness club, that is. Since I joined the gym I've been enjoying the hip-hop dance aerobic class they call "Body Jam". It's the closest I get to a night club these days. Boogie-ing to Beyonce, Justin, PussyCat dolls... oh, and sometimes I even recognize the artists like Prince or even Fleetwood Mac - but they're only played during the "cool-down".

The instructor is this energetic young guy named T.J. who is amazing. He makes it seem like a real party - complete with "bollywood bangles" or "glow in the dark bracelets" when it's a disco themed release. The gym is packed, I think word has spread about his class.

So every Tuesday evening is my party night. Doesn't matter that I get all red-faced and sweaty, and come this close each week to throwing out a hip or knee. I get to shower at the end of the day in peace. And I can crump man!


Dina said...

oooh sounds like fun- i kind of miss the gym but we bought an elliptical machine to avoid going to a gym so i have to nix that idea for a few year (till we get our money's worth)
what gym are you at??

Karen MEG said...

I belong to Goodlife and it's great - you can go to any of their locations, a quite a few are in Loblaws so I get groceries done too. I also bought a childminding membership for Giselle - she loves it so it's great. I go to Hillcrest mall, Loblaws Hi-tech road and sometimes Markville Mall.

Jill said...

Isn't it great doing something fdor yourself! I don't go to a gym (I too have an elliptical, and since I don't SAH I could not go to a gym often enough), but I take a belly-dancing class once a week, and I just love it. I would like a Hop-hop class too I think, maybe that is next. I LOVE the Pussycat Girls!

Chrissy121875 said...

That is VERY cool! I don't go to the gym anymore, because the closest one to me is quite far. Okay, it's probably 30 mins by car, so it's not thaaaat far. Anyway, I ordered Turbo Jam from www.beachbody.com and it's sooooo much fun. Although, if I were still in Toronto, I'd probably join a gym because there's that element of getting out and being around people, I guess.

Jill, I took a hip hop class at Soles Dance Studio in Toronto. It was fun, upbeat, and a total workout! Unfortunately, I only did 2 or 3 classes and never finished my contract. I was taking the class with my ex and he decided he didn't want to do it anymore. I'm a wuss and didn't want to go alone. It was fun though.


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